Why Does My Cat Lick Me Then Bite Me?


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Cats are one of those adorable furry pets we have at home. They are not easily tamed or befriended but that doesn’t change the fact that most pet lovers choose them over other lovely pet creatures. By nature, they are rather fearful of contact with the humans and prefer to live by themselves, but that is not to say they hate us.

Nevertheless, there are a million reasons why cats are on top of one’s list. One might say, they have got a very cute physical trait. Perhaps, way cuter than dogs. (This one is up for debate, I know.)They are like our best friends just like the dogs are. Before you get me wrong you, this isn’t a comparison between cats and dogs.

As the title sates, we are here to find out the mysteries behind the cat’s heart melting yet utterly weird behaviours? For sure, we all wonder why they perform such behaviours. While some of us understand these felines’ actions, others are still filled with uncertainties. Despite being together with your cat mates for a long period of time you still either get frustrated or happy or both. Why is that? There are interesting and factual reasons why cats lick and bite you.


One, normal behaviour of cats is licking. It sounds like unhygienic but researchers say it’s a way to groom themselves and stay clean. Basically, they lick themselves for hygienic purpose but not only that. Surprisingly, cats do the licking when they have anxiety, a good way to calm themselves down and think clearly. They also have a tendency to groom their cat siblings for one lovely reason – to maintain a strong bond. Just like humans they value good relationship.

When a cat licks you, it means you haven’t taken a shower yet. It’s been like a week and your cat notice it. Kidding aside, how about the biting? It is associated with grooming but it can also mean another thing.


I am quite certain you are not so fond of your cat licking and biting you. It’s not that you hate her but it’s just that her tongue is armed with tiny barbs. When it brushes through your skin, you get tickled and sometimes get goosebumps. Her sharp teeth can also get deep down your skin and leave a not so good-looking mark. Perhaps your cat is just feeling good and is in the mood to play with you.

It’s the perfect time to entertain your cat. Have some time and build a stronger bond. Those licks and bites aren’t so gentle though.You might scream in pain so you better be extra careful and brave when petting her. Do expect some scratches. You love your cat, don’t you?


It is not so different from when your cat wants to play you. I bet it’s not so difficult to read what the cat wants to tell. The lying on floor and teasing look on you, the rubbing up her body against you, the constant licking and biting, these are subtle indications of their trust and love to you. How dare you resist such charming and brutal (a little) affections?

You can easily figure out your cat is just being cute and cute. No way you can misread her actions unless you are not in good terms.


Kittens that are weaned off early tend to bite the skin between your fingers. When prematurely separated from the mother, there is a chance of increased anxiety and aggression in cat’s behavior and these changes may last for a long time.

Other cats like Siamese are more high-strung than other breeds. They are expected to chew things more often than usual, and your hands are no exception. They are no different from us for they go through emotional issues and as a way to deal with such is chewing or biting.

If you think this behavior is becoming troublesome then consulting your vet is your last option. They can probably help you deal with it.


For some cats it isn’t a rare occurrence to get stimulated when get pet. While they love to play with you, they have mood swings too. When you are overly aggressive playing with your cat, she may fearfully scratch or bite you. One factor that triggers a cat to be overstimulated is when you accidentally touch a sensitive part of her body. Her initial reaction is always to defend herself and with your hands on her back or tail you would have to pay the price of doing the wrong thing. At least for the cat that’s what she thinks so.

It is really important that you understand how your cat behaves and what her condition is. When cats are afraid, they usually arch their body with their fur straighten up. With over stimulation, your cat may ripple her tail, flick her ears back and forth, or flatten hear ears against her head. Any of these warnings, you should not ignore.

Cats don’t lick and bite for no reason, and understanding these behaviors should help you strengthen the bond with your feline friend. 

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