Why Do Cats Love Circles?


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Cats are one of the wittiest pet in the globe. Is there a way to behave a clever cat?

What about circles?

There’s a controversy between cats and a ring-shape. One day, a cat owner had noticed the pet seems addicted to circles. It makes the feline powerless as it calmly sits in the middle of the circle. Even if the shape isn’t perfectly round, it still affects the behavior of the pet.

If you start wondering about the trueness of the mentioned statement, you can do it at home. Form a round-shape on the floor using any accessible materials then observe your cat. Does it start to walk over the setup and rest on it?

If yes, we’ll discuss some speculative ideas why your cats suddenly stop whenever it lays down on a circle. Without further ado, let’s get it unleashed!

10 Reasons Why Cats Love Circles

The details to be discussed are only possible explanations of why do cats love circles. Up to now, there are still no specific answers to the question. Well, cat’s behavior can be the best source of having these reasons. These include:

1. Cats want to feel warm

Cats are the kind of pets that prefer warmth rather than cold environment. Well, in fact, they conserve body heat while they’re sleeping. And we can notice the usual shape of every cat’s bed, it is a circle. Perhaps, the pet thinks if it enters the circle, it’ll keep him warm.


2. Cats feel more secure within circles

Cats become territorial at times. They’ll sit in a circle and treats it as a new home. There are cases where the owner calls its cat, which is in the circle, and the pet never gives attention. The cat only lives the circle whenever it wanted.


3. Cats are seeking attention

Just like the other pets like dogs, cats are also attention-seekers. Instead of cuddling with their owners, they’ll go in the corner, wherever there’s a circle, and then ask for attention. This must be the sweetest reason if ever.


4. Cats desire for privacy

Same as they wanted to feel more secure but this time the pet only wishes for me-time. It shows the dramatic attitude of a cat. Also, cats are known to be timid wherein they love to live in an enclosure.


5. Cats are only curious

Since cats can live without anyone, an independent kind of pet therein, maybe it’s only investigating what circles are for. Even we, humans, have this sort of curiosity when everything matters. Let the cat find out what’s going on by itself. Support your pet anyway.


6. Cats sense something weird around the house

Some arguments say that a circle shape has a connection to witchcraft. A circle has supernatural powers said by paranormal experts. Connecting it into a cat, you’ll see it reacting strange and weird. Don’t worry, your cat won’t be entered by bad spirits. It’s so much stronger than any spirits.


7. Cats see themselves as an authority

The cat feels like wearing a crown when it is within a circle. All attentions are towards him. Well, in fact, photos of cats staying in a circle are now becoming viral. Cats are doing a great job to be the most popular pet all over the net.


8. Cats are ready to submit

The circle will act as a trap, kind of advantage for the owner, to start teaching the cat how to obey simple tricks. This is the easiest way to help a cat to be a well-trained pet. As the cat enters the circle, it is a sign of being ready to learn something new. Grab that opportunity! You know what; it’s hard to catch a cat’s responsiveness.


9. Cats swap small spaces into a circle

Cats do love to fit on small spaces just to feel secure. A circle is a remedy to prevent any mess inside the house whenever the cat looks for a hiding place. Even in an open area, with the help of a circle, the cat will still feel safe and sound.


10. Cats are only attracted to circles

Perhaps, a circle is new to its sight and it catches its attention. This reason is simpler than being curious as a cat is never bothered of what the circle can do to him. It’s like the cat only enters a room with innocence in mind. He found circles beautiful and comforting and so goes in it with no curiosity added.


3 Ways in Making a Cat’s Circle

Building a cat’s circle is so easy. You can use the following materials at home to start making a circle for your cat:

  • A tape

Any color of tape would do. You can place it on the floor even in an imperfect circle shape.


  • A clothing

Those clothing that isn’t useful anymore can be shaped in a circle. This is more comfortable as it renders softness for the pet.


  • Draw a circle

This is the most practical way to make cat’s circle. Use chalk or charcoal and make sure it doesn’t contain any chemicals that may harm the pet.


There’s called Cat Circles Phenomenon that becomes a top issue on the internet today. It started on the Reddit website where a man posted photos of his cat that has a habit of sitting in a circle.

This confuses everyone who also owns a cat and does the same experiment. They see on their own eyes that cats do respond to action whenever they see a circle. And up until now, the reason why it happens remained a question for everyone.

A cat’s real relationship with circles is still confusing that even experts don’t have a scientifically-proven answer on why do cats love circles. The gathered information above has no scientific and expert basis.

However, many believe that the real reason links to the behavior of cats which is territorial and curious. Whatever the truth is, we saw a positive connection between the two.


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