Best Cat Food for Hairballs

If you have ever owned a cat, you will know that they spend most of their time sleeping, the other part is spent on grooming. All that licking does wonders on their fur, but that can also be the cause of something more serious—hairballs. This is an unavoidable aspect of being a cat owner, and there are ways you can help prevent this from becoming a health hazard for your furbaby.

The following are the best cat food for hairballs that you can give to your cats to help you control its formation:

Nature’s Variety Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Food


Rich in protein and fibers,Nature’s Variety cat food are made of ingredients that are very similar to what cats would actually eat in their natural habitat. It is free from grains which can cause allergies and can be hard for them to digest. It contains the right amount of protein and fiber to help relieve the discomfort of hairballs.

This cat food has a somewhat strong aroma that some cats may find unappealing. But when you look at online reviews, most users found this as their cat’s favorite.


  • Made of 95% chicken, turkey, and chicken liver
  • Doesn’t contain grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, or preservatives
  • Packed with healthy Omega fatty acids


  • Slightly expensive
  • Has a strong smell
  • Poor customer service

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food

Uses a protein-rich recipe made with chicken and turkey, plus loaded with digestible fiber from peas and flaxseed to prevent hair from accumulating in your cat’s digestive tract. Wellness CORE Grain-Free cat food contains the key vitamins and mineral your cat needs for optimum health without any grains added.

There are complaints that some cats will not eat this food but there are more we found that love it. It has some traces of carrageenan, so if you want to avoid that, this may not be for your cat.


  • 100% grain-free adult recipe
  • with vitamins, balanced minerals, EPA and DHA omegas and essential taurine
  • No grains, carrageenan, or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors


  • Expensive
  • Not recommended for picky cats
  • Contains carrageenan

Purina Pro Plan Entrees in Gravy Adult Wet Cat Food

Purina is a trusted and well-known brand that manufactures high-quality cat food. The Purina Pro Plan Entrees in Gravy Adult Wet Cat Food is one of their gems because it has all the nutrition your cats need. It has fiber that will prevent them from getting too many hairballs in their systems.

One word of caution, this cat food contains a slightly higher amount of phosphorus that would be unsuitable for cats that have urinary tract or kidney issues.


  • 100% approved as safe for pets by the FDA
  • Rich in Omega fatty acids
  • Protein-rich with no preservatives


  • Not recommended for cats with kidney or urinary tract problems
  • Has carbohydrates that may be indigestible for some cats
  • Some cats will only eat a certain variety

Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Cat Food

One of the best cat foods for hairballs, Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control cat food is designed especially for the control of hairballs. Loaded with natural fibers from vegetable sources, this cat food helps decrease the formation of hairballs by having the hairs move easily through your cat’s digestive system.

Some users report that their cats would not eat this cat food while there is a rare report of a cat that had vomited after eating it. Just to be on the safe side, we will not be recommending this to those whose cats have dietary sensitivities.


  • Rich with natural vegetable fiber
  • Has controlled levels of phosphorus
  • Protein-rich and no preservatives added


  • Some reports of damaged packaging
  • Not recommended for cats with sensitive stomachs
  • Has a slightly odd smell

Weruva Grain-Free Canned Wet Cat Food


An all-natural, completely balanced meal for your cats, Weruva Grain-Free Canned Wet cat food is rich in high-quality protein that promotes a healthy urinary tract aside from preventing hairballs from forming on your cat’s stomach.

It has a very soupy and watery consistency that is preferred by most cats, but not all. There are reports of the customer service being unreliable, but most cat owners do not have issues with the food, so there is no need to call them.


  • Grain-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, MSG-free, carrageenan-free
  • High in protein and low in fat and carbs
  • Tested to be great-tasting for most cats


  • The consistency is very soup-like
  • Poor customer service
  • Contains vegetable and potato starches

The Best in Hairball Control

Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Cat Food

  • Rich with natural vegetable fiber
  • Has controlled levels of phosphorus
  • Protein-rich and no preservatives added


The Most Trusted Choice

Purina Pro Plan Entrees in Gravy Adult Wet Cat Food

  • 100% approved as safe for pets by the FDA
  • Rich in Omega fatty acids
  • Protein-rich with no preservatives


The Best Tasting Choice

Nature’s Variety Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Food

  • Made of 95% chicken, turkey, and chicken liver
  • Doesn’t contain grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, or preservatives
  • Packed with healthy Omega fatty acids

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Cat Food for Hairballs:


The Ingredients

The main ingredients that prevent the formation of hairballs are protein. The best cat food for hairballs should be protein-rich and has no grains added. This is the natural diet that cats would have in nature. Furthermore, you should also look for ingredients that may cause allergic reactions to your cats and get the cat food that does not have them or at least in small amounts only.

Also, there is a lot of cat food on the market today that is made with all-natural ingredients, and these are the ones that are highly recommended.


Your Cat

There are many factors to consider when buying food for your cat. Some of these are your cat’s age, their activity levels, and if there are existing health issues that you need to take note of. Starting at seven years old, your cat is considered a senior and should be eating food that is specially formulated for older cats.

Kittens under a year old also need to eat food specifically formulated for their young age unless recommended by your vet that they are ready for the adult formula.


Your Budget

Higher-quality cat food is almost certain to have a higher price tag. If you are on a budget or if you have more than one cat, you may also consider getting budget-friendly cat food. There are a lot of choices you can find that are inexpensive yet effective in getting rid of your hairball problems.


The right food is essential in keeping your beloved hairballs adequately nourished. With the many available choices in the market, it could get confusing. Choosing the wrong kind will not only be a waste of money and effort but will negatively affect your furbabies as well.

We hope this list points you in the right direction. While the ideal brand for your cat might not necessarily be on this list, but now you are more aware of the factors to look for in choosing the perfect option.


How to Stop Your Cat from Clawing From Furniture

Cats love to scratch. They always scratch when they are playing and stretching.  They also do this because their claws need regular sharpening. Cats clawing on furniture and other things in the house are not good; it also can make the furniture unattractive to the eye of the owner as well as if you have guests at home. But clawing is a natural habit for cats to do. They need to do this for themselves. But that’s not good, destroying furniture and other household goods, either its natural activity for them, but we need to make action for this kind of natural activity of our beloved cat.

What are the things we need to consider for this cat natural behavior? Should we put them in a cage or we should just get them out in our house? Are there any solutions for this kind of problem that we encounter with our cat or we just need to give up?

No need to worry, there are things that may can help you solve your problem about cats clawing your furniture. No need to put them out of our house just to solve this problem. I know that there are times that we consider cats as our friend; there is a lot of cat lover who say that cats are really a good friend and a good companion. They say that their cats are with them through good and bad times, so for this problem that we experience with our cat, we have to think positive and find a solution. Here are some tips that may help you how to stop your cat from clawing your furniture:


Are cats doing this clawing behavior just to give you a headache? Or are they doing this for a purpose? The answer is yes, cats clawing behavior have purpose, they not doing this just to make you upset for them. They aren’t doing this for them, when they scratch; they exercise their muscles in their body. It’s also helps them sharpen their claws. It also their own way to relieve stress and to feel good. Understand this behavior of your cat is important just find a way to help them, the best thing to do is to teach them what and where they will claw or scratch.


If you love your cat so much, then you should be patient. Make time for your cat too. Caring for them will also be a solution to your problem because they will feel if you cared or not. Always make something for your cat so that you can easily capture his/her attention, and may result to a good way to distract them to claw your furniture. Be patient in order that cat will be more close to you and will be soon leaving his/her habit.


One of the best ways to stop your cat to claw your furniture and other household goods is to provide a scratching post. But before buying one you have to know that if you buy a scratching post you also know where to place it. Where do you think your cat usually hangs out? So better place scratching posts around your home, where your cat always likes to hang out. You have to be sure that the scratching post you buy is well built and not shaky, it also should not be too heavy so that if happen to fall, nothing happens to your cat, buy not only one scratching post, it’s better to buy more than not enough, because cats are usually not around in one place at a time. When you decided what to buy, you have to make sure of it, so it’s not a waste of time and of course money. It’s better to be sure than wasting, right.


After buying scratching posts, now figure it out where to place it, like I said put it to the where your cat always hang out. For example, we all know cats love to scratch when they already wake up in the morning so put one scratching post near where your cat sleeps. The most furniture that your cat always scratches is your couch or sofa, so put one also there. Be observant. Locate every place you think your cat loves to go. You can also figure it out the part of your house that your cats go by, seeing some marked of your cat’s claw.


You have already bought scratching post and successfully locate and put scratching post around your home where your cat usually go, but the question is it’s that all you need to do. The answer is no. Eventually, we know that after all, there is still be scratching activity that your cat will do, it takes time for the cat to figure it out that there is a scratching post that you buy for them. So better to train your cat or encourage your cat to use it. Use catnip oil, rub it to the scratching post, after that you can help cat to gently put his front paws onto the scratching post and move up and down, if you have time to train your cat, do it as much as you think you do it. Always remember that you should be careful to the cat, because even it’s your cat there is a tendency that your cat will harm you. A cat who forces to do things they not want to do will eventually bite or hurt you, so be careful.


Using tape and sprays in your furniture and place where your cat always scratches are also a way to stop your cat from clawing. For example, you can use herbal spray or double-sided tape to some of your furniture to prevent your cat to scratch.


It is important to trim your cat’s claws regularly; this is the most effective ways to prevent them to claw your furniture and household goods. If you do it, then less damage you can get.



How to Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell from Carpet

Cats— they can be lovable and the perfect cuddle partner at times. But MOST OF THE TIMES, cats are frustratingly aloof, cold, unfriendly, and always had this I-simply-don’t-care-about-you-unless-you-feed-me attitude.

Oh, and they are a great maker of mess, too. From furball vomits to inappropriate urination, cats will just look you dead in the eye, shamelessly making you clean up his mess like you are some maid or what.

Cat pee is a pain and is never fun to clean. But what makes it worse is when your bratty feline chooses to do it on the carpet. Not only does it make stains on your beautifully laid carpet but it also causes unpleasant odors to linger around your home and can sometimes cause respiratory or breathing issues.

This is why it is best to get the cat pee out of the carpet and prevent any pee issues in the near future altogether.

But right now, in fighting urine stains and marks, there are several steps you can do to eliminate and get rid of the unflattering odors and unsightly spots.

1. Wipe The Urine With Paper Towels

If you spotted fresh urine, get a paper towel and try to remove as much of the urine as possible. This should make the job easier. Also, you can use rags for better absorption and soak up more urine.

2. Find The Stain

In case, the crime was done a few hours ago and the evidence already dried up and is hard to find, try to use a UV flashlight to find the urine spot on your carpet. Ultraviolet rays can reflect off the chemicals in a cat pee causing hidden evidence spots to glow when the UV light is shined directly on it. This should make any hard-to-see spots easier to notice on your carpet.

3. Treating The Stain

After wiping or finding the stain, the next thing you need to do is to clean the part. Here are some effective pee cleaners:


  • Enzymatic Cleaner

Enzymatic cleaners such as Nature’s Miracle has special biological enzymes which break down the proteins in urine in order to reduce or even completely eliminate the smell.

You can simply spray the enzyme cleaner solution on the affected areas of the carpet. Lightly scrub the cleaner in with a brush in order to ensure full coverage of the affected area then just sit back and let the enzyme do its job.


  • Vinegar Solution

In case an enzyme cleaner did not completely remove the smell, then try a vinegar solution. This should cut out the scent of cat urine in the carpet and prevent any future crime.

Just combine equal parts of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle or a bowl then spray or saturate the pee area.

Scrub the vinegar solution on the soiled area using a bristle brush until it is completely soaked in vinegar solution. The vinegar should neutralize the unpleasant smell of your cat’s urine.

Now, use a clean rag or a paper towel to wipe up as much vinegar solution as possible and let the area completely dry.

4. Deodorize Area

Sprinkling baking soda over the area deodorizes the stain. Because baking soda is a natural cleaner as well as deodorant and odor absorber, it can greatly reduce the unpleasant smell of your cat’s urine.

Next, mix a teaspoon of mild dish detergent with a ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide together and spread it over the baking soda. (You might want to spot test this cleaning solution first to confirm that there will be no discoloration.)

Wear rubber gloves and use a scrub brush to rub the solution into the baking soda. Wipe the area clean and allow the carpet to dry.

5. Vacuum Soiled Area

Use a vacuum cleaner on the soiled area to remove both urine particles and deodorizer that you have applied. For best results, try using wet vacs which saturates the carpet, if you have one. However, do avoid steam cleaners since intense heat can actually cause odors to set into the fibers of the carpet more stubbornly.

Reducing the Chances of More Inappropriate Peeing

The more urine that your cat adds to your home, the harder it is to keep the unpleasant odor at bay. So, the best way you can fight this horrible stench is to eliminate any chances of it occurring in the first place. Here some methods you should try:

1. Re-Training

Never punish or yell at your cat for urinating in the wrong place. Instead, move her quickly to her litter box and consistently take her there and give positive feedback when she uses it. This should reinforce a positive association with her litter box and urinating.

2. Replace Litter Box More Often

Believe it or not, cats are hygienic animals and they love clean litter boxes. So, if you are neglecting your cat’s needs of a clean bathroom then he will find the carpet more appealing to pee at.

3. Consider Getting Your Cat Spayed Or Neutered

Cats, just like dogs, are extremely territorial animals. They mark territories they own and that includes the sofa they sit on or the carpet they lie on. Cats that are spayed or neutered will not purposely urinate just to mark their territory and solving small, scattered pee everywhere.

4. Have Your Feline Checked By The Veterinarian

While cats can be bratty and love to create a mess, particularly with young or elderly cats, you cannot simply skip the chances of any medical issues as the reason for your cat’s inappropriate urination. Contact your veterinarian in order to discuss any possible medical reasons why your cat urinates outside the litter box. Medical issues such as diabetes, kidney disease or urinary tract infection, can be life-threatening to your feline buddy if ignored and left untreated.


Despite the cold treatment you can get from a cat all the times, having a feline buddy can be rewarding and relieves stress. So, do not let any urine odor ruin such an amazing experience.



Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats

Cats are very independent creatures, so they do not have to be looked after 24/7. However, the difficulty comes when you own multiple cats. They may have different dietary needs, you might have to buy each of them their own bed, and you will have to provide litter boxes to accommodate all of them.

Cats are territorial, so it may not be a good idea for multiple cats to share a single litter box. A litter box that is specifically designed for multiple cats is the best option. It will keep your house clean and give your fur babies a private space to do their business.

Here are some of the best litter boxes for multiple cats that we have reviewed for you.

Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan

This Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan is an enclosed litter box so it will prevent the mess from spilling on your floor. The box measures 22.4 in. in length, 18.3 in. in width, and 15.3 in. in height, so it has enough room for your cat to comfortably turn around. This is very cheap and will only be costing you less than $25.

The 10.4 x 9.6 inches door opening has a plastic swinging door, so your cat can go in and out without problems. You can also fold it back and let it sit on top if you want to keep it open. The top has a handle, so it is easy to carry.

When cleaning it, you can either flip the lid and fold it back or remove the top part completely.


  • Comes with a free sample of the Magic Blue Litter Box Filter
  • Has a built-in bag anchor
  • Prevents spillage


  • Thin bottom litter tray
  • The latches on the handle don’t hold that well
  • Carbon filter is kind of exposed

Nature’s Miracle Advanced Corner Hooded Cat Litter Box

Even if your home is not that big, you can still give your precious kitties their private space for doing their business. This Nature’s Miracle Advanced Corner Hooded Cat litter box is designed to fit in the corner, so it definitely saves space. This litter box will cost you less than $31.

This litter box measures 26 in. in length, 23 in. in width, and 20 in. in height, so it has plenty of room inside for your cat. The opening measures 12 x 13 inches, and it does not have doors so your cat would not have problems going in and out. The charcoal filter at the top is replaceable which is good for reducing odor.


  • Has a non-stick surface
  • Space saving design
  • Very spacious


  • Kind of difficult to scoop because of the angles
  • Poor quality latches
  • Has more spills because of the lack of door

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If scooping out kitty litter is too gross to handle for you, this one is for you. It is easy to clean, but it does not need electricity, liners, or filters. For less than $40, Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box is one of the best litter boxes for multiple cats you can find.

You clean this litter box by simply rolling it to the right so that the waste collects in the pullout tray. Roll it back again then shake it, so the clean litter is evened out. Then it will be easy for you to dispose of the waste. The clean litter and waste are separated by a patented grill.

This also comes with one paw-cleaning mat. Your cats can wipe their feet here and prevent cat litter from spilling on your floor.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Controls the odor
  • Controls dust


  • Poor quality latches
  • Needs to be cleaned often to prevent stink
  • Clumps may get stuck occasionally

Favorite 25″ Large Top Entry Enclosed Hooded Cat Litter Box

This Favorite 25″ Large Top Entry Enclosed Hooded Cat litter box is top entry, so it is easy to pour in the litter without any spills. It provides maximum privacy for your cats and prevents waste from spilling out. For less than $41, you can buy this litter box for your kitties.

The box measures 25 in. in length, 19.5 in. in width, and 16.5 in. in height, so it is spacious enough for your cat. The pan measures 18 in. in length and 12.5 in. in width. With a large capacity and durable construction, this is ideal for multiple cat households as well as single cat households.

For cleaning, you can either scoop from the top entry or remove the top completely.


  • Easy to clean
  • Stacks into itself for easy storage
  • Comes with a free spare locker


  • Does not come with a liner
  • Doesn’t prevent the litter that sticks to the cat from spilling
  • Some cats may not understand the concept of a top entry litter box

Petphabet Litter Box with Lid – Jumbo Hooded Kitty Litter Pan

For less than $43, two of your cats could be pooping buddies. This Petphabet Litter Box with Lid litter box can accommodate two medium-sized cats at the same time. The box measures 24.8 in. in length, 20 in. in width, and 16.5 in. in height with a wide door opening of 8.2 x 7.8 inches.

This has a removable top cover so there would be less spilling of litter and it would be easy to clean. It is very roomy with high walls, so your cat has plenty of space but still gets some privacy. This is made of antimicrobial non-stick plastic with odor protection.


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Large and roomy


  • It may leak if cats spray very high
  • The square scooper doesn’t really work well with the round pan
  • Poor quality latches

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats


Size of the Pan

Obviously, when you have more cats the bigger the litter box should be. Not just because of the possibility that they may do their business together, though. A bigger box just means that there is slower waste buildup.

If you have multiple cats and not up for cleaning every time they use the litter box, having a large one helps. There is plenty of space so you will only have to clean it at least twice a day.


Size of the Door

Naturally, large litter boxes also have large door openings. It is important that the door is wide enough for your cats so they can comfortably enter and exit.

Sometimes cats do not like boxes with flaps because their tails get stuck. However, if your cats are used to them, then they will probably be fine with or without a door.


Cleaning or Filtering Mechanism

Traditionally, we scoop out the waste to clean the litter boxes. Now there are plenty of litter boxes with advanced self-cleaning and filtering capabilities.

You can expect that these technologically advanced litter boxes will be expensive. If you are on a budget, there are many decent ones you can choose from.


Top Entry or Side Entry

This actually depends on your cat. A lot of cats seem to have a problem with top entry litter boxes. Maybe they do not understand how it works, maybe they think it is too constricting, or maybe they are just plain lazy.

Side entry litter boxes are an easy choice. However, there will be a lot more spilling of litter when your cat buries their waste or when they come out of the litter box.


Maintaining cleanliness in your household is kind of difficult when you have multiple cats. There will be more than one source of little surprises you may see or smell in your house. Having a litter box gives your cat their private space to do their business, so they do not turn your whole place into their toilet.

If you want less trouble in cleaning up, the Omega Paw is the best option. You will not have to scoop the waste because of its rolling cleaning feature. This will definitely bring good value for your money.


Best Dewormer for Cats Available Over the Counter

Keeping our cats indoors can help us prevent them from getting into a lot of trouble. One of these is that they are safe from getting worms. Or so we thought. Worms such as roundworms, hookworms or tapeworms can manifest in indoor cats through many different ways.

Fleas and worm eggs can enter our home when they get lodged in our shoes, clothing, other pets, and even the common house fly. Although the possibility of your indoor cat acquiring worms is very small as compared to outdoor cats, it is still a good idea to have them dewormed regularly.

Your cats and kittens are family so you would naturally be concerned for their health and safety. Having them dewormed is one safety precaution for you to take to ensure that your indoor cats are safe and free from any parasites. Here is our list of the best dewormers for cats on the market today:


Panacur C Canine Dewormer


Panacur C Canine Dewormer has fenbendazole as its main ingredient. It works effectively in removing gastrointestinal parasites from the stomach and intestines of cats and dogs. It can eliminate hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, and other parasites as well. Some pet owners notice a slight side effect of loose stools, while some experienced none at all.


  • Contains veterinarian-prescribed fenbendazole
  • Can be added to pet food
  • FDA-approved
  • Very little to no side effects


  • The powder didn’t mix well with the food

Pro-Sense Liquid De-Wormer for Cats


An effective solution to your cat’s intestinal worm infestation, Pro-Sense liquid dewormer contains piperazine that is a very potent treatment for roundworm infections. Also, treat infections with pinworms. It is safe to use for cats and kittens over 6 weeks old, but not recommended for pregnant and lactating queens. There are some reports of slight vomiting as a side effect, but these are very rare.


  • Contains piperazine base as piperazine citrate
  • Great taste
  • Prevents re-infestation of roundworms
  • Very affordable


  • Not recommended for pregnant or nursing cats

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer


Manufactured by Bayer, a reputable name in the pharmaceutical industry, so you are guaranteed that this dewormer works. Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer active ingredient is praziquantel that is proven to be an effective treatment for a number of types of parasitic worm infections such as tapeworms. It prevents newly hatched insect larvae (worms) from growing or multiplying in your pet’s body. It comes in tablet form so you can easily mix them with your cat’s food.


  • Very easy to administer
  • No prescription required
  • Contains praziquantel
  • Easy to administer


  • Expensive

Durvet Safeguard Goat Dewormer


You may think that this is for goats only, but Durvet Safeguard Goat Dewormer has fenbendazole as its active ingredient. Fenbendazole is effective in removing worm infections on several types of animals. Durvet Safeguard comes in powder form so you can easily mix it with your furbabies’ food. You may need to adjust the dosage by doing a quick online search as the original dose is designed for larger animals.


  • Treats infections from over ten different kinds of worms
  • Can be used on cats, dogs, fish, horse, cow, and chicken
  • Contains fenbendazole
  • Comes in powder form


  • You have to learn the proper dosage

Columbia Laboratories Pyrantel Pamoate Suspension


Roundworms and hookworms are the most common worms that infest cats, Columbia Laboratories Pyrantel Pamoate suspension is an efficient way to remove them. A 50 mg, 32-ounce bottle can be yours for just under $35. It is an affordable way to deworm everyone in your household as you can even use this suspension for humans.


  • Suitable for cats, dogs, and humans
  • Contains pyrantel base as pyrantel pamoate
  • Comes in suspension form
  • Has a nice vanilla flavor


  • Not for the treatment of all kinds of worms

Pfizer Nemex 2


A strong and potent treatment for your cat’s hookworm, pinworm, and roundworm problems, Pfizer Nemex 2 contains pyrantel pamoate that paralyzes the worms so that your cat’s body can easily get them out through their stools. And with a trusted name attached to this dewormer, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are giving your cats the best dewormer there is.


  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Available without a prescription
  • Safe to use for kittens and nursing queens
  • Cats love the taste


  • Pricey

Bayer Expert Care Tapeworm Dewormer for Cats


Created specifically with cats in mind, Bayer Expert Care can rid your cat of the most common types of the tapeworms. It comes in tablet form that you can crumble and add to your cat’s food for easy intake. One tablet is enough to get rid of the infections, and with the trusted name Bayer, you will not have to experiment to find the most effective dewormer for your cat.


  • FDA-approved
  • Easy to administer
  • Contains praziquantel
  • Strong dosage


  • Not for kittens under six weeks of age

Naturpet D Wormer


This cat Naturpet D Wormer dewormer can help you eliminate giardia, pinworms, roundworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and ringworms. It uses only natural ingredients like wormwood aerial parts, black walnut hull, sage leaves, black and fennel seeds, as well as papaya leaves, no added harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your furbaby. Since it’s all natural, you can use this for cats of all ages.


  • Veterinarian approved
  • Has a soothing effect on your cat’s stomach
  • Comes in liquid form
  • Made from natural ingredients


  • Has a strong scent

Pro-labs Feline Tapeworm Tabs


What kills the tapeworms in your cat’s body when you give them this is the active ingredient, praziquantel. Pro-labs Feline tapeworm tabs come in just the right size so you can easily give them to your cat or mix them with their food. It is FDA-approved and safe to use that you can buy it over the counter.


  • Contains praziquantel
  • Comes in easy to administer tablets
  • Approved by the FDA
  • Affordable


  • For removal of tapeworms only

Excel Liquid Roundworm Dewormer


This cat Excel Liquid Roundworm Dewormer works fast to treat your cat from roundworm infections. It comes in a liquid form that has a taste that your cat is sure to love. It effectively stuns the worms so they can easily pass through the cat’s system and then eventually be removed via the cat’s stool.


  • Contains piperazine base as piperazine citrate
  • Comes with a child-resistant cap
  • Has a vanilla flavor
  • Has an affordable price


  • Only removes roundworms

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Dewormer for Cats


Types of Worms

It is important to know what type of worm your cat has so you can get the correct treatment for it. There are three types of worms that commonly infect cats; these are roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms. Most dewormers come in formulations that target a specific type of worm so knowing what type of worm your cat has is very important.

You may have to get a fecal test analyzed by your vet, or you may opt for dewormers that can treat multiple types of worms. As with any treatment we humans take, it is a good idea to consult your veterinarian to get an informed decision on what the best dewormer is for your cat.


The Right Dosage

Many dewormers provide the recommended dosage for different ages and weights of cats, so be sure to check the label to give you an idea. An overdose is something that you wouldn’t want to happen to your furbaby, so if in doubt, consult your veterinarian. You shouldn’t be second-guessing when it comes to administering drugs.



Once you know what type of worm your cat has, you need to look for the one that would work well with your cat. There are many options out there, and a vet will know exactly what your cat needs. But if it is a recurring infection (hopefully not), you already know what to get

Although all of the dewormers we listed above are safe, it is also worth checking the ingredients of a one, so you will know what it contains and then check if they are safe for your cats. There some that use all natural ingredients, you may want to choose these if you have doubts. You may even try and experiment with brands, but we highly recommend going for those with trusted names and reputation for reliability.



Of course, money is no object when it’s our furbaby’s life that’s on the line. However, if you are going to do regular deworming sessions, which is highly recommended, you may want to choose something that would not break the bank.



This list we compiled includes the best dewormer for cats available on the market, and among them, we love Durvet Safeguard Goat Dewormer. It can eliminate a wide variety of worm types and can be used on dogs as well, a bonus if you have both dogs and cats. If you plan on doing some deworming at home without help from your vet, this is the way to go.

Again, we recommend consulting your veterinarian before trying out any sort of medication to your pets.



Best Cat Food to Gain Weight with High Calories

Cats can really be picky eaters. When they do not find their food enticing enough, they simply will not eat. However, cat owners should know that underweight cats face a higher risk of serious health problems. That being said, helping your cat gain weight is very important. And this can be done by changing their diet and including the best weight gain cat food.

Choosing food high in protein is usually the best option. A change in feeding habit also helps. Here are some of the best cat food brands that can help them gain those extra pounds that could spell the difference between health and mere survival.

IAMS Grain Free Naturals Adult

IAMS Grain Free Naturals Adult cat food is popular for a reason. It boasts of a hefty 473 kcal per cup. Its minimum protein content is 33% and fat content at 15%. It is made from high-quality ingredients like chicken and salmon.

It also contains high-value ingredients such as cranberries which is good for the urinary tract and menhaden oil which is good source of omega fatty acids. It is also fortified with vitamins like B1, B2, B6, D, and E. Make sure you check and follow the recommended portion sizes that are specific to your pet’s needs.

But just like other dry foods, this has very low moisture content, predisposing cats to potential urinary tract problems. To avoid, make sure your cat drinks lots of water. Also, you can alternate dry and wet food.

Now, the only thing you have to worry about now is where to buy this as stores easily run out of stocks.


  • Does not contain grains, a common cat allergen
  • Made from high-quality, high-value ingredients
  • Fortified with vitamin supplements
  • Contains cranberries and menhaden oil


  • Low moisture content
  • Does not contain pro-biotic

Origen Cat and Kitten Food

Rest assured you would get the protein you need with Origen. The Origen Cat and Kitten Food is made with fresh regional ingredients like free-range chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and nest-laid eggs.

It can provide a huge 463 kcal per 8 oz. cap. It contains 39% protein, 19% vegetable, and 42% fat. The numbers speak for itself. This is really one of the best cat foods for weight gain in the market today.


  • No grains
  • Ingredients are similar to what a cat would eat in the wild
  • Easy to eat and digest


  • Dry food

Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend

This Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend cat food veterinarian-recommended contains a specially blended formula to support your feline’s overall health. It is packed with Omega-6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and shiny, vibrant coat. It is also made from real chicken, providing high protein content. This cat food guarantees to have everything you need. It contains several vitamins like A, B12, D3, zinc, taurine, and calcium.

While it is not the bulkiest available, Purina offers 396 kcal per cup. It has a crude fat of 34% and protein at 30%.


  • Mixed with soft meaty morsels
  • Crunchy kibble
  • Good amount of moisture
  • Available in different flavors


  • Has soy and grains, which are potential allergens
  • Contains artificial coloring

Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food

Blue Wilderness is packed with protein and sweet potatoes, which are healthy sources of carbohydrates, respectively. It helps support muscle growth and development and boost the immune system. But most importantly, it promotes a well-balanced weight gain between protein and fat.

A cup of Blue Wilderness provides a huge 447 kcal. This dry food also comes with BLUE’s ‘LifeSource Bits,’ which are a combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Blue Wilderness does not contain any artificial preservatives, poultry by-products, and other cat allergens like soy, wheat, and corn.


  • Does not contain cat allergens
  • With BLUE’s ‘LifeSource Bits’


  • Dry food, without moisture
  • Not organic, but natural

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient

Natural Balance is a well-loved brand by fur parents. This is guaranteed to be grain-free. It contains prebiotic fiber to aid in digestion. It contains no artificial flavors and colors too.

Natural Balance comes in several flavors including Salmon and Chickpea, and Turkey and Chickpea. Both come with the best quality of ingredients. The Salmon formula has a high protein and the highest calorie content at 410 kcal per cup.


  • Grain-free
  • With prebiotic fiber
  • Helps prevent hairballs


  • Quite expensive
  • Geared for indoor cats only

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food

If you are looking for cat food packed with a high concentration of animal protein, nutrient-rich foods, and supplements, then this is the one for you. Wellness Core contains added glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate, which are both good for joint support. All kibbles are guaranteed to contain premium, all-natural ingredients.

This cat food does not contain any potential allergens too like wheat, corn, soy, and meat by-products. It also has zero artificial ingredients, flavors, and preservatives. This cat food is rich in anti-oxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids too.

This dry food sure is a good solution for your skinny kitty as it offers a hefty 502 kcal per cup.


  • Does not contain common cat allergen
  • Contains probiotics


  • Made more for indoor cats

HALO Spot’s Ground Chicken Pate Food

This Halo Holistic Natural Wet Cat Food is recommended for senior cats, although it also works on younger cats and kittens. The food is guaranteed to be made from a real whole chicken blend. Yes, no rendered meat like chicken by-products, fillers, grains or whatsoever. It has well-balanced nutrition and is easily digestible too. Other than the meat, this contains real, non-genetically modified carrot and spinach too.

Giving 202 kcal per 5.5 oz. can, your feline will surely get that extra pound. The protein it gives is really not that much. That is why combining this with any of the dry food above is suggested.

All its cans are BPA-free as well.


  • No artificial flavorings or colorings
  • Packed with added vitamins and minerals like biotin and taurine
  • Made with real whole chicken
  • No rendered meat


  • Needs gradual introduction of food
  • Contains salt


While there is no shortage of cat food options in the market, it is imperative that you do your research first. Knowing which ingredients to go for will save you a world of money and time, wasting neither when you narrow down your options to the brands that offer the best quality and health benefits for your pets.



What is the Smartest Cat Breed? Check Out These 7 Smarty Cats

Cats may have a reputation for being aloof and lazy, but cat owners know one fact: that their feline partners are really smart.

Cats are great at figuring things out for themselves. They are great explorers, naturally curious and good at making a toy out of anything. Cats are able to entertain themselves and they are really great at finding out how to get to new areas.

It is certain that all cats are smart, yet there are some that are a little bit more than other breeds. We all want to say that we have the most intelligent cats around, however there is a universal consensus that there are some breeds smarter than others.

Here are some of the smartest cat breeds in the world:

1. Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian Cats are very confident in themselves and they have this air of superiority about them. Resembling the ancient cats of Egypt, The Aby has a distinctive sleek profile, with almond-shaped eyes and large ears.

They are one of the breeds that learn to play fetch with objects and will really love doing it. Also, they have an excellent memory— they will know where you hide their toys and how to open doors. Abyssinian cats are great at climbing and jumping. If you do not have a ceiling-high cat tree, they will make one for themselves out of your curtain, bookcase or anything less they can scale to the heavens.

These cats are also curious felines. If anything has your attention they will try to take it and investigate. Moreover, like any other cats, Abyssinians love to the center of your world and needs constant stimulation.


2. Siamese Cat

Remember the twin mischief cats Si and Am from the second movie of Disney’s Lady and the Tramp? Yes, they are Siamese cats!

These cats are really loud and love to chat with their owners. And like the twin characters in the movie, Siamese cats are really sassy and forever getting into mischief with their inquisitive nature that makes them want to explore every nook and cranny.

They love to follow you around, watching you with curious eyes while being talkative and social. Because they are smart, Siamese get bored if their brains are not stimulated. That is why you need to keep them entertained or they will find something to entertain themselves. They crave for attention the most, and they will wail and meow to let you know they are bored. So if you want to keep your sanity then you better give them what they want.


3. Burmese Cat

Burmese inherited their intelligence from their ancestors Siamese. They also love to talk, however, they are not as loud as the Siamese. Burmese cats are usually described as having a dog-like personality because of their love of human interaction.  They easily get attached to people, so it is best not to leave them alone. They are highly sociable cats and can interact well with dogs or children.

They love to learn new tricks and would be very happy to show off to your friends. They can learn to fetch, roll over, sit or even walk on a leash. Burmese cats love to explore and they will definitely know your house better than you.They can be really demanding, especially the females, and will continue to follow you unless you give them the attention they want.


4. Scottish Fold Cat

The Scottish Fold’s pixie-like expression and endearing “teddy bear” ears are features that will instantly charm those who meet this adorable and intelligent breed. Adaptable and confident, Scottish folds are a quick learner that will walk on a leash and fetch balls without expecting a treat for a reward.

They enjoy toys that test their mental capacities like puzzle or teaser toys. They love being around people and thrive for their owner’s attention. They love doing stuff with people and will demand a game or two out of you to satisfy their boredom. They can even join you to watch movies and will pay attention to what is on the screen.


5. Persian Cat

With big gentle eyes and a luxurious coat, Persians are always a show-stopping breed that enjoys our admiration. These cats have an elegant aura surrounding themselves and seem to know how gorgeous they are.

Displaying a dignified and calm presence, Persians are very responsive to learning, particularly with the word “no”. Cautious and sensitive, they hate loud or harsh noise. And if there is an open door to the outside, Persians will not dart out like most cats would, instead they will take a peek first to check for any signs of danger before going out.

They are sometimes described as “quite communicators”. They will wait for a sign from their owners that it is okay to sit or cuddle with them.


6. Bengal Cat

Bengals are leopard-like beauties which are highly sought-after. And why not? Their looks, personality, and intelligence are really amazing. Bengals are good at learning tricks. Also, they are dexterous paws which can be a real headache for some owners. They have this reputation of playing with electronics, turning off light switches and causing mischief.

Unlike most cats, Bengals just love the water and will follow you to the shower or tub if they can. However, this can be a nightmare for fishes in backyard ponds or aquariums. They are highly sociable felines that often “talks” with their chirpy meows. Like their leopard ancestors, Bengals also love to jump and climb to explore their surrounding, so you might need a cat tree if you do not want your curtains destroyed.


7. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex is a uniquely-styled and fun-loving breed. They have soaring energy and will always look for activity with people, dogs, and other cats. It is a very intelligent breed regarded for its unique curiosity.

Cornish Rex will explore every inch of your house if you let them climbing into washing machines, jumping on top of refrigerators, cabinets and the like. They have exceptional communications skills and is confident and adaptable to new surroundings.



Best Flea Collar for Cats to Keep the Pests Away

Fleas and ticks come within the territory when you have cats in your homes. It is something short of heartbreaking when we see our beloved pets furiously scratching from all these annoying parasites. We know that fleas can become a major health issue for our cats, and can cause other damages in our homes as well.

Many cat owners struggle to find the best flea removal treatment for their fur babies. Most treatments available are either too expensive or too bothersome. Luckily for us cat-lovers, there are options available that are effective, easy to use, and light on the budget.

Flea collars are one of the most effective treatments for fleas and tick for your cats. They are safe, cheap, and can be bought over the counter. We gathered the best flea collars for cats on the market today to help guide you in choosing what to use for your pets.

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats


Bayer Seresto is an effective flea collar for your cats, not only does it get rid of them, but it also kills them. Bayer is a trusted name, so you are assured of a safe and high-quality product. This flea collar is long-lasting, water-resistant, and will easily get loose if the cat becomes trapped.


  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Offers 8 continuous months of protection
  • Waterproof
  • Has a release mechanism feature
  • Non-greasy


  • Expensive

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collar


One of the most affordable flea and tick collars for cats, Adams Plus costs at just under $10. It offers the same flea killing features as those high-end brands. It has a breakaway design that gets loose and widens if the cat gets tangled and needs to get off from the collar.


  • Kills fleas in various life stages
  • Offers 8 months of protection
  • Highly adjustable
  • Has a mild, pleasant smell
  • Comes at a very affordable price


  • Not waterproof

Hartz UltraGuard Plus Flea & Tick Collar for Cats


Hartz UltraGuard Plus effectively kills fleas and ticks and prevents infestations and outbreaks. At just around $7, this is probably the cheapest yet most effective flea collar around. This is especially good for those who have several cats at home. Its breakaway design is easy and simple to put on and take off.


  • Kills fleas and prevents infestation
  • Waterproof
  • Provides 7 months of protection
  • Has a breakaway design
  • Extremely cheap price


  • Gets loose easily

Beloved Pets Flea and Tick Collar


Free from harsh additives, Beloved Pets flea and tick collar use a non-toxic formula that is safe to use on cats and kittens that are sensitive to some chemicals. This flea collar contains citronella oil as its main ingredients, so it is also safe for humans who come in close contact with their cats.


  • Non-toxic formulation
  • Adjustable
  • Comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Breaks the life cycle of fleas
  • Offers 4 months of protection


  • Slightly bad-smelling

Slicemall Flea Ticks Collar


Slicemall gives your cats up to 8 months of protection from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and even lice. It is an herbal repellent that keeps your fur babies safe from nasty parasites with its natural essential oils content. It is waterproof but not recommended for bathing or swimming. It can fit different sizes of cats and has a slightly minty scent.


  • Contains natural essential oils
  • Adjustable
  • Offers 8 months protection
  • Waterproof
  • Uses sustained release technology


  • Effectiveness decreases when it gets wet

Pet Gallo Flea & Tick Cat Collar


Pet Gallo is an effective collar for your cats to remove fleas, ticks, and even the eggs. It protects you and your pets from further infestations for a full six months. You can bathe your cats and won’t worry about losing its potency. It has a nice, fragrant scent that you’ll love and won’t bother your pet.


  • Provides 6 full months of protection
  • Effectively removes fleas, ticks, and eggs
  • Waterproof
  • Low-priced
  • Offers a 100% money-back guarantee


  • Only repels pests

XUS ProGUARD+ Flea & Tick Collar


Safe and effective flea and tick collar for your cats, XUS ProGUARD+ contains natural essential oils and absolutely no pesticides. It is safe for you and your cats and kittens; it protects for 3 months that can be stretched for up to 6, depending on the severity of fleas in your area.


  • Contains natural essential oils
  • No pesticides
  • Water-resistant
  • Protection from 3 up to 6 months
  • Effective against fleas, ticks, flea larvae, mosquito, and lice


  • Has a strong smell

Anion Flea Tick Collar for Dogs and Cats


Anion effectively eliminates flea, tick, and other parasite infestations on your cats and even dogs as well. It has an allergy-free formulation that is safe for you and your pets. The collar is easy to put on and take off; it is highly adjustable to fit cats and dogs of different sizes.


  • Allergen-free
  • Adjustable to fit most sizes
  • Waterproof
  • Offers up to 8 months protection
  • Can be used on dogs, too


  • Has a strong smell

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Flea Collar for Cats



When choosing the best flea collar for cats, always look at the quality of what you’re getting. Our fur babies’ health should be our first and foremost consideration. Look for collars that won’t harm your cats and also safe for humans when we get in contact with them.

It’s a good idea to search for those with reputable brand names, as they can guarantee you a high-quality product. You may also read online reviews to check what people are saying about a flea collar you are interested in. You will get information from those who actually tried the product.



Make sure that the collar you’re buying will fit your cat. Most of the items on this list can be easily adjusted and would fit most cat sizes. Your cat should be comfortable when wearing these collars so they won’t try to take them off.


Breakaway Design

Cats are naturally curious creatures, and they will go on adventures and explore their surroundings. A breakaway designed collar assures you that if and when your cat gets tangled say, on a tree branch, your cat can easily get away without being strangled by the flea collar.



You may be tempted to go for the cheapest, but you cannot be 100% sure of its effectiveness. However, low price doesn’t always mean low quality. If you dig a little deeper, you will find an efficient flea collar that won’t break your budget. This is especially important if you have more than one cat or you are getting one for an outdoor cat that lives around your home.



After doing this review of the best flea collar for cats, it is clear that Bayer Seresto has won us over. With its name, Bayer, you know that these people deliver. Some flea collars only repel the fleas but not actually kill them. Bayer Seresto kills them to prevent them from coming back.

Knowing how important it is to tackle the flea problem in your cats is a big step towards getting a solution. Flea collars can definitely help you win the war over fleas and ticks because they are effective and cheap. You don’t have to wrangle with your cat with sprays or spot-on solutions that are so hard to administer.

Hopefully, this list of the best flea collars for cats that we rounded up has helped guide you in buying one for your fur babies. Our cats are family so we want to make them as comfortable and as happy as we can.




Best Cat Tree for Large Cats (and Heavy Ones Too!)

Every cat lover knows that these furballs are high-energy animals that love to sleep in lofty spaces. They have a natural instinct for hunting, scratching, and climbing. Because of this, cats and furniture often do not go together. This is the reason the cat tree was invented.

Cat trees divert your cats’ attention from your furniture, blinds, cabinets, and anything they try to scratch and probably ruin along the way. They come in different styles, sizes, and makes so it can be difficult to choose which one to buy. This dilemma is somewhat doubled if you have a large cat such as Maine Coon, Burmese, Egyptian Mau, and many others.

The best cat tree for large cats needs to be durable and strong enough to take on the force when they jump and play on them. We scoured around to look for the best among the best so read on if you are planning to get one for your fur baby.


Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo, 74 inch


Designed with big cats in mind, the Armarkat cat tree can hold cats up to seventy pounds in weight. It is made of pressed plywood that is covered with faux fleece to add texture to this sturdy structure. 


  • Made of high-quality plywood
  • Covered with faux fur
  • Can be used by several cats at the same time
  • Has a 6 months warranty
  • Comes with 3 levels, 3 towers, 2 condos, 2 ramps, and toys


  • Difficult to assemble

Molly and Friends Five Tier Condo/Bed and Cradle, 66 Inch


Made in the USA,the Molly and Friends cat tree guarantees durability and reliability for your large fur babies. It has natural thick sisal ropes on the scratch post so they can scratch to their hearts’ content.


  • Made of solid pine poles
  • With high-quality carpeting
  • Hand built in the USA
  • No assembly required
  • Comes with 4 levels, 3 towers, 1 condo, 1 tunnel


  • The carpet sheds some hairs


Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 72-Inch High Loft

At around $80, the Go Pet Club 72 inches cat tree is one of the most affordable cat trees on the market today. It is well-built using high-quality materials, and with its multiple levels and towers, your cat will enjoy hanging out in this tree for hours.


  • Made of high-quality wood
  • Covered with faux fur
  • The posts use natural sisal rope
  • Easy assembly
  • Comes with 3 levels, 3 towers, 2 condos, 1 ramp, 1 toy mouse


  • There is a slight wobble

Furhaven Pet Tiger Tough Cat Tree House Furniture for Kittens and Cats, 60 inch

Everything about Furhaven Pet Tiger Tough cat tree says comfort and fun combined. Its top perch uses a plush material covering while the clubhouse offers privacy for your fur ball.


  • 16 colors and styles to choose from
  • Natural sisal wrapped posts
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very affordable price
  • Comes with 4 levels, 1 tower, 1 condo, 1 spring ball wand toy


  • The top platform won’t fit large cats

MidWest Feline Nuvo Cat Furniture


The MidWest Feline Nuvo cat tree combines comfort and entertainment for your large cats. It is covered with soft fabric, and the den comes with an equally soft pillow. It comes with dangling toy balls that your cats will spend hours playing with.


  • Made of sturdy wood
  • Covered with faux fabric
  • Has natural sisal rope covered scratch posts
  • Easy assembly
  • Comes with 5 levels, 1 tower, 2 condos, dangling toys


  • No instruction manual included

Ollieroo Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture, 52 inch


The Ollieroo cat tree comes in 5 lovely color options so you can choose which one would match your home. The scratch posts are located in 8 different spots for easy scratching anytime, anywhere. This cat tree can hold the weight of cats up to twenty-three pounds.


  • Made of pressed wood
  • Covered with sisal rope
  • Uses plush faux fur for the surface materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with 5 levels, 2 towers, 2 ramps, 1 hammock


  • The hammock is too small

Go Pet Club Huge Cat Tree Condo House Furniture 87.5 inch


If you have more than one cat in your home, Go Pet Club Huge cat tree is your best bet. It has plenty of room and add-ons to keep your cats entertained.


  • Made of pressed wood
  • Covered with faux fur
  • The scratching posts are covered with natural sisal rope
  • Comes with step by step instructions and tools
  • Comes with 4 levels, 2 towers, 5 condos, 1 ramp, 1 swing, ball and rope toys


  • Some condos don’t fit large cats

Trixie Cat Tree Play House


This cat tree offers a lot of playroom for cats of all sizes and ages. It can accommodate several cats at a time, so this is a good option if you have several cats in your home. It is covered with high-quality fur making it luxurious furniture that your cats will enjoy.


  • Made of thick, pressed wood
  • Covered with plush fabric
  • Uses natural sisal ropes
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Comes with 5 levels, 2 condos, 2 towers, 2 ramps, 10 scratching posts


  • High -priced

Kitty Mansions Large Cat Tree


Designed specifically for large cats, Kitty Mansions Large cat tree has multiple perches and lots of space for your cats to play, lounge, and sleep. It has leaves and vines that will give your large cats hours of fun. It is a stylish mansion for cats both big and small.


  • Made of durable pressboard
  • Covered with faux fur
  • Has leaves and twines accents
  • Can carry weights of up to 25 pounds
  • Comes with 3 levels, 3 towers, 1 condo, 1 dangling ball toy


  • Takes a little too long to build

New Cat Condos Premier 7-Foot Tall Cat Playground


This cat tree comes to you fully assembled and ready for a lot of quality playtime for your fur babies. The New Cat Condos Premier cat playground is so tall that it can take your large cats to heights of 7 feet! It is sturdy and stable that can take on the weights of your cat and his/her friends.


  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Made of solid wood
  • Uses plush household-grade carpeting
  • Posts are covered with unoiled sisal ropes
  • Comes with 4 levels, 1 tower, 1 condo, 1 tunnel


  • Very expensive

Songmics Large Cat Tree Condo Multi-level Cat Tower


The Songmics Large cat tree is the ideal cat tree for your large cats because of all the space. It can entertain cats of all sizes and provide a good napping nook or viewing deck. This is made with CARB-certified boards and covered with soft plush that is sure to give you and your cat years of service.


  • Made of premium quality materials
  • Quick and simple screw-together assembly
  • Has a Batten-strengthened base
  • Has a weight capacity of 25 pounds
  • Comes with 4 levels, 2 towers, 1 condo, 1 tunnel, 4 ramps, 1 dangling toy


  • The scratch post is located at the top

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Cat Tree for Large Cats



Our cats are part of our family, and we want them to have all the comforts of life that we can give them. Part of this is giving them a good place to sleep and play and the main factor we should consider is their safety. Choose a cat tree that is built to handle large cats so look for materials that are sturdy and long-lasting.

Make sure that they are securely bolted or screwed properly to take on the constant jumping of your large cats. Remember, not only will they be sleeping on it, they will do all their rumbling and tumbling on it. So be prepared.


Price and Quality

Of course, you want the best for your cats, so naturally, you would look at higher priced items. However, higher-priced does not necessarily mean high quality. If you are on a tight budget, stick with cat trees that are smaller or lacking features that your cat may not actually use. As long as it is well built, your cat will be happy with what you give them.

And if it is well made, even if it is small or cheap, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cat is safe while using the cat tree.



One of the reasons we get a cat tree is to provide something that will make your cat get some well-needed exercise. If the cat tree you get is too tall, your cat may become bored and lose interest after a few climbs. You should know if your cat is patient enough or will enjoy a 7-foot tower.



Our favorite among this list of the best cat tree for large cats is the showstopper New Cat Condos. It uses high-quality materials and plush fabrics that our cats loved.

Overall, the best cat tree is one that would be sturdy, safe, stable, and fun for your cats.



10 Best Silly Cat Videos That Will Make You Laugh Until You Snort Milk Out Your Nose

Cats seem to be uninterested all the time and even look at you dead in the eyes. They prefer to sleep in peace and have their own private life. But cats are amazing creatures. They can really be very dumb and silly at times. This 10 best silly cat videos will make you roll on the floor laughing!


1. Scaredy Cat Video Compilation

Cats that are easily scared and spooked never get old. This video compilation of silly cats that are scared of masks, puppets, something under the carpet and random things will leave you teary-eyed from laughing really hard.

Watch the video here:

2. Angry Cat in a Mirror

Cats hate copycats, especially this one. This cat is furious when he looks in the mirror and finds out that there is another cat that looks exactly like him. The tail, the fluffiness, his handsomeness, and even his actions were all copied by another feline somewhere an invisible wall and he is trying to fight with him. Go give that copycat a good beating boy!

Watch the video here:

3. Cats Hate Water Video Compilation

Cats are known to hate water. They prefer licking their self-clean rather than jumping in a tub full of water. But what happens if their owners pull a prank on them or suddenly slips down? From owners throwing a bucket of water to their cat to accidental falls to bathtubs and ponds, this video compilation will surely give you a good laugh.

Watch the video here:

4. Cat Surprised by a Toaster

This cat seems to just mind his own business in a kitchen countertop when suddenly the toaster just throw up a couple of bread and instantly gave a superpower jump!

Watch the video here:

5. Watching Horror Movie

This cat has the guts to watch a horror film. But it seems like he can’t take it any longer with the creepy sound of an opening door and a sudden scream from the movie that makes him leap in terror!

Watch the video here:


6. Broken Cat

This cat seems to have inhaled too much catnip and is now staring at nothing without blinking. So, cats do get high!

Watch the video here:

7. Cats and their Tongue Video Compilation

These adorable cats and kittens, sleeping or just being plain jerks, are sticking their tongue out like they are somewhat broken toys.

Watch the video here:

8. Cat Stuck in the Toilet

This big piece of furball only wants to have a decent manner of taking a dump in the toilet. However, he might seem to have a bad day stuck in the toilet bowl, asking his owner to help him get off.

Watch the video here:

9. Cat Trying to Fit in a Tiny Box

This big, fluffy feline is really having a hard time trying to fit in a tiny box. You can see him looking at his owner, literally annoyed while taking a glance at his little sister sleeping comfortably in a big box. Finally, a bigger box came, but he is just really big to fit in so “whatever”.

Watch the video here:

10. Cat Loves Window Washer

Check out this video of an adorable black cat playing with window washers going back and forth while trying to catch their cleaning tools.

Watch the video here:

Final Thoughts:

Cats are simply the best pets out there! They can be a jerk and have this murderous look at times, but they can be pretty dumb, easily fooled and the best pet to play a prank with.

Did you laugh so hard watching the 10 best silly cat videos? Share them with your friends and family to give them a good laugh! Do you have any silly cat videos to share? Feel free to drop a link in the comment section below!