How to Tell What Breed Your Cat is


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If you are curious if what breed is your cat, I will be discussing some of the ways on how you can determine your cat’s breed. If your little furry friend shows a particular behavior that makes you wonder if which breed it belongs, this can help you out. Determine the breed of your cat today with the ways listed below.

Importance Of Knowing Your Cat’s Breed

Before anything else, why is it important to tell what breed is your cat anyway? Well, it is because different cat breeds have unique needs and health state. Different cat breeds face health problems particular to their kind. So if you are fully aware of the breed of your cat, you can help it to avoid such health problems.

Aside from that, there is a wide array of hypoallergenic cat breeds. It means, if your cat belongs to one of these breeds, even a person allergic to a cat can live with your cats. If you know what breed is your cat, you can also determine the best activities for it. Some cats also tend to be friendlier than others so before adopting or getting a cat, learning its breed can lead you to make the best decision.

Ways To Determine The Breed Of A Cat

Studying the behavioral patterns and physical features of your cat is one of the best ways to determine its breed. It will allow you to spend more time with your furry friend since you have to interact with it to observe its temperament and physical features.

Along the way, you will be able to discover the common attributes that both of you possess. Isn’t it a fun way to discover the breed of your cat?

According To Its Qualities

Observe The Shape & Size Of Your Cat

There are existing standards set by official clubs like TICA or The International Cat Association and The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). The experts of these groups studied different aspects of the body of the cat, which includes their size and proportion.

These two aspects are a good starting point if you want to discover your cat’s breed. If your cat is large and long, if it is, it may be a Norwegian forest cat. If it is athletic, muscular, and not fluffy, it might belong to Bengal breed. A Bengal cat is a sleek cat that has the looks of a wild cat. Small cats, on the other hand, may belong to the Burmese cat breed.

The Pattern Of Its Coat

Cats come with different coat patterns, this includes calico, tortoise, tabby, and many more. Particular combinations are unique to different breeds, yet CFA explains that the coat doesn’t determine the breed of a cat. Only the breed of your cat’s immediate parents can be the basis.

The reason for this is that the colorpoint gene can be inherited through many generations. So, if your cat is black, it doesn’t mean that it may belong to the Burmese family.

On the other hand, your cat’s coat can give a hint of their temperament. For example, a dark gray cat may show a particular personality from its Russian Blue ancestor such as excessive talking.

The Head & Eyes Of Your Cat

Another aspect that can help you determine the breed of your cat is to observe its head and eyes. According to TICA, Siamese cats, an example of Asian breed features triangular ears and head. They also have incredibly distinctive eye-shape, which is another useful feature that you can consider to determine the breed of your cat.

Moreover, a cat’s eye color shows a lot of information about its ancestry. It is especially if it features odd-colored eyes like one is gold and the other is blue. Odd-colored eyes are one of the features that are common to Turkish Van cats. British Shorthair, on the other hand, has round heads that appear perfectly with their study physique.

Breeds That Might Resemble Your Cat

Siamese CatsA cat with this breed, both traditional and modern, has blue eyes, short hair, and a colorpoint coat pattern. Modern Siamese cats show an elongated head as well as unique svelte bodies

Himalayan Cats This cat breed is also called as Himmies. It has a similar build and length of the coat as Persian cats, but the difference is that they have a pointed color pattern.

Russian Blue CatsThis cat breed is popular for its bluish-gray short coat with its bright green eyes. While there are other blue cat breeds like Chartreux and Korat, Russian Blues are more popular.

Maine Coon CatsMaine Coon cats have long, silky, and dense coat. They are exceptionally huge and there are times that the tips of their ears have tufts. They may also come in different coat pattern and color, but not for colorpoints.


To summarize, determining the breed of your cat can help you to identify the possible health issues that are particular to its breed. If you know which breed is your cat, you can also take care of it better since you know what it needs.

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