How To Take Care Of A Cat The 5 Things You Must Know


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Before deciding to adopt or buy a cat, here are some of the things you must know to provide it with proper care. These guide will allow you to be a good pet parent to your new feline friend. Let’s get into it:

Importance Of Cat Care

It is always exciting to have a new cat, especially if you are taking care of a feline for the first time. With all the excitement of becoming a new pet parent, you may have prepared all the supplies that your cat needs. Providing these things are only a part of taking care of your cat. There are others that you can do to take care of your pet, which includes a vet checkup.

Your cat also needs regular medical checkup just like you. Veterinarians can guide you on the process of giving your cat its first shots of vaccination as well as the general care process with a new cat. If you have other pets at home, you have to make sure to have the new member take a complete wellness exam. This way, your pets will stay safe from disease, parasites, and so much more.

Taking care of your cat not only prevents sickness for everyone, but it also shows your affection to your pet. Your concern and care will make your cat feel confident living under the same roof with you and with the whole family. Show your cat some love by taking good care of it.

Tips On How To Take Care Of A Cat

Given Them A Lot Of Attention

Just like us, cats also require a lot of attention and affection to stay happy and full of confidence. If a cat doesn’t receive much attention, it is most likely to feel lonely and prefers to be left alone in the corners. So for people who are busy from day to night, and don’t have other family members staying at home or other pets, you must consider buying a goldfish instead. Or, a cat statue?

Cats who tries to get attention can act like small children sometimes. If they don’t get the attention they want, they develop negative attention syndrome. This kind of issue is where cats misbehave just so owners will notice them. When you just notice your cat for scratching the sofa or breaking a vase, it is most likely for it to repeat the same acts when you are around but not giving it attention.

So after work, spend at least ten minutes to play with your pet. If you can, forget about cooking dinner and changing clothes first to give your full attention to your little buddy.

Keep Its Claws Clipped

You must clip the claws of your cat twice a month to avoid problems. While your cat’s claws will naturally wear down, you still need to have their claws clipped as assistance.

If your cat is strictly living indoors, you must consider getting a grinding post to help with this. It is especially if you don’t want to see your cat one day shredding some of your furniture.

Feed It Meat

Cats are originally carnivores. For this reason, you should give them meat during their meals. Cats require a good source of animal protein to be in their best shape. When buying cat food, make sure to choose a brand that contains enough protein and one that fits the health and age of your cat.

Cats can’t keep up with a vegan diet. They require meat that can allow them to get the nutrients they need. You can also provide it with a variety of raw and cooked, fresh meat. If your cat loves fish, you can also offer it some in some situations.

Always Be Gentle And Nice To Your Cat

Just like kids, cats also sense anger and fear. Knowing these, you have to avoid raising your voice when talking to your cat, especially when it has done something wrong. If you fail to be gentle to your cat, your friend may become your enemy. Your cat, just like any other animals, is also covered by animal protection laws so it is not permissible to throw your cat or strike it.

If you don’t want to have a gap between you and your feline friend, say no to physical aggression. Using cat cages is not also recommended so make that your cat is free to roam around your home. Take note to use cat cage only for transportation and when bringing your cat to a vet.

Taking Care Of Cats With Special Needs

Other acts also have special needs, which requires special care. For example, cats that are diagnosed with feline down syndrome is characterized by the unusual appearance and strange behavior. They require a safe environment since they tend to move wobbly. Like so, they frequently fall and bump because of bad coordination.

Other cat genetic disorders that are mostly mistaken as a feline down syndrome:

  • Cerebellar Hypoplasia
  • Klinefelter Syndrome
  • Distal Polyneuropathy
  • Feline Dysautonomia

Final Say

As a conclusion, adopting a cat means you are accepting the full responsibility to provide all its needs. From cat supplies, medical care, as well as the general cat care that can help to keep it healthy and happy, you need to be willing to provide all these things to your new friend.

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