How to Stop a Cat from Shedding?


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Is your feline friend shedding too much? Is it accurate to say that you are discovering fur on your garments, furniture, and always floating noticeably all around?

While it isn’t as exasperating as feline litter being everywhere, this issue still requires an activity plan. Well, you will be able to find out how to stop your cat from shedding.

You will also be able to find out what was an excessive and normal shedding for your pet cats.

What causes cats to shed their fur?

Cat’s fur coat has a basic pattern when it already started to grow. Cat’s coat or fur usually becomes thinner during hot days or let us say in the summer, while their fur turns out to become thicker during colder days or in the winter.

This component gives felines a chance to adjust to the climate outside – for wild and open-air felines and it seems like they should grow their fur in order for them to survive. 

Be that as it may, regardless of good judgment rationale, shedding isn’t reliant on temperature. You won’t prevent your feline from shedding by turning the warmth down. Shedding is started by the measure of sunlight accessible.

At the point when the measure of light diminishes in harvest time, the need to develop thicker hide is motioned by the feline’s body. The inverse occurs in spring when the measure of light increments. Be that as it may, changes in the coat are not the equivalent in indoor felines who are presented to a lot of fake light.

While most felines shed when their jackets change in spring and, somewhat, in harvest time, a few felines, particularly solely indoor felines, can shed consistently.

How To Know That Your Cat Is Shedding Normally?

It is pretty normal for our feline friends to shed their fur. And it was still very normal for cats to shed over and over again. But you might want to know if your cat is shedding normally right?

Well, the best possible way to do that is by checking out the fur coat’s quality of your pet cat. A healthy and normal shedding is certain when the quality of your cat’s fur coat is smooth, clean, and glossy.

It is also very important to look if there are some bald patches or mats as it was an unhealthy sign for their shedding.

How To Stop Your Cat From Shedding?

Here are a few things that you can do to help your cat to stop shedding.

  • If you notice that your cat is shedding or losing its fur too much, you should quickly visit a veterinarian quickly as soon as possible. That is the best thing to do even if you are aware that cats usually shed their fur a lot especially in spring and summer. I think that’s way better than to do nothing before it is too late for you to do anything. So, if you already notice some bald patches in your cat’s fur and skin, you should be alarmed as it was unrelated to your cat’s fur shedding. It might already be because of dermatitis, allergies, and at worst are parasites. That is why you should always consider visiting a veterinarian whenever you came across this situation.
  • You should also try to brush the fur of your pet cat more often because it was proven to be an effective approach in helping your cat reduce its shedding. Brushing will help out the fur to be collected before they fall out and spread all through your house and even in the air. It was a very good choice to avoid fur waste beneath your furniture and to prevent your cat or anybody in your household from ingesting your cat’s fur. You can brush your cat for like a couple of times per week depending on how long their fur is. Cats with longer and thicker fur might require more frequent brushing. Do not hesitate to brush your cat whenever they are shedding because it will really help in reducing and stopping the shedding.
  • You can also try to check out your cat’s diet whether your cat is shedding too much or normally. A cat’s diet must be made of wet meals because it was very essential in hydrating your cat compared to a dry meal. You will also be able to know that your cat has some deficiencies in amino acids when its fur coat has a very poor quality. The fur coat’s quality depends on the amino acid intake of your pet, that is why you should already be alarmed when your cat shows a poor quality of fur coat.


It might be uneasy to stop your cat from shedding, but you can actually control it by consulting veterinarians, brushing them regularly, and even fixing out their diet.

But you should also consider that shedding for cats is like sleeping and eating for humans. It only means that it was very natural and normal for cats to shed their fur coat too frequently.

All you need to do is to help them out reduce their shedding and to observe their fur coat’s quality and skin condition as they might already have some health problems.

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