How to Get Cat Smell Out of your House


As much as we love cats, there are some challenges we need to deal with. Taking care of cats isn’t as easy as it seems. While they bring this thing called cuteness overload, they also bring stinky odor when not regularly taken care of.  As a cat owner you have a responsibility to keep your pet clean and healthy, and that includes the house you are living in.

Whether you are planning to bring home a cat, or you already have one under your care for a long time, you get the idea that at times they mess around. When I say mess around, I’m talking about the cat stuffing stinky odor in places or corners of your house that you don’t mostly notice. Overtime, these areas develop unpleasant smell because more often than not we neglect our responsibility.

You do hate that stinky kitty smell, don’t you? Especially in your bedroom, living room and kitchen, it’s kind of suffocating. Though for some, they get accustomed to it. But that’s no excuse for everyone not to act upon the concern. You have visitors from time to time and you don’t want to spoil their visit. You’ve got to be more a little sensitive, and do find ways to extinguish that irritable smell for everyone’s benefit.

Important Things to Consider

It doesn’t take overnight to set our house free from bad odor. In fact, it takes a lot of work and repetition to achieve it. You are going to need to work for your cat. I hate to say this but you are not the boss here.

Litter box – It’s a necessity to have one. The stench coming from your litter box is expected. Your feline friend does most of its defecating, urinating and god knows what other stuff it does inside. With that said, there are things you need to be aware of, and it’s your duty to perform these to maintain a less foul smell in your house.

1. Types of litter box

The norms for litter boxes are either covered or open so choosing isn’t so difficult, and that means you can’t really have bad choices. However, the size can be a factor, especially when choosing a covered one. A large cat should have a big enough litter box to let it feel more comfortable.

For your own convenience, if you really don’t want to see nature’s call, then a covered box is for you. It may be of little consideration, but a scented litter box can cause a cat no to use it. In such situation, you better choose a non-scented.

2. Number of litter box

According to experts advise, as much as possible, you get litter boxes depending on the number of your cats, and add one extra. Should you have more than one, the boxes have to be in different locations. In case your house is not spacious, then getting a large box will do. You however, have to clean it regularly.

3. Types of litter

As a rule, the litter should be at least 3 inches deep but can go as deep as 5 inches. There are various kinds of litter you can choose from. The common ones are the clumping and non-clumping clay. Whichever you are using, it’s always better to choose a non-scented litter. When replacing the litter, one every other day is ideal.

4. Litter position

Just like humans, cats are better off when pooping in a somewhere private spot. Who enjoys seeing it by the way? Placing it in a less exposed corner should be fine. For things not to get messy, you shouldn’t place it next to its water or food bowl.

5. Litter mat

Right after a cat is done defecating, it is a common practice for it to scratch and burry its poop. Placing a mat in front of the box should help remove debris from its paws since there is a possibility it will knead or scratch the floor. The litter mat will be scratched instead, and your carpet will be somewhat safe from poop stain.

6. Clean regularly

Your litter box isn’t an all-purpose like your washing machine. You need to do the cleaning and it should be done at least once a day. Again, if you’re using a covered box, while it can possibly conceal the smell, it can be a problem for your cat if it’s not properly cleaned. That’s enough reason for your cat to poop or pee somewhere else.


Cats are one of the cleanest pets you can have in your home – cleaner than dogs. While it may not be necessary to groom them since that’s what they really do, there is a chance you will find out some health issues. In such case, this can be immediately addressed.

For your information, an adult cat right after waking is said to spend 50 percent of its time grooming itself. It’s also interesting to know that there a various reason with this behavior. First reason, they do lick themselves to remove their smell and not to be detected by their prey.

They also do it to relax and stimulate their blood flow. The latter reasons you can provide them when you groom them. Besides it’s a good timing for you to develop a stronger bond. Grooming them isn’t only about the bad smell.

1. Brushing

Cats easily shed and so their fur is literally everywhere: on the sofa, on your clothes, on the bed and on the carpet. You can make your cat’s life easier by brushing it to remove dirt, and spread natural oil for a better and healthier coat and skin. For a cat with a short hair, it is advisable to do it once a week.

2. Nail clipping

It is not an easy job to cut your cat’s nails. It may take some time for your cat to accept you trimming its nails but you have to be patient. Shorter nails aren’t only for cleanliness but for your furniture protection.

3. Bathing

Your cat can be in a worst condition to bathe them. They absolutely hate bathing. But if there is a good reason for you to do it then do it. Of course, use a soap or shampoo that is safe. When applying shampoo, avoid contact to the eyes, ears and nose. Gently apply and rinse. Afterwards, you dry it with a clean dry towel.

Food and water location

All the things around your cat, you have to maintain and clean. The food and water location, is no exception. Cockroaches and insects are uninvited guests you don’t want to see. Just do your job and everything else will be fine.

Aside from the fact that food they can easily become smelly, their food and water when left unconsumed for hours can be a source of bacteria. Eliminate these possibilities by cleaning their bowls and food area, as well as changing their water regularly. Keep things organized.


Don’t ever think your litter box is enough to aid you with the pooping ang peeping issue. Unless you have a trained cat, you won’t be scratching your head. Cats love to hide somewhere and whether you believe it or not, sometimes they hide landmines out there.

That’s a big problem, and it becomes bigger when not found and cleaned immediately. Have time to check the covered areas like under the bed and sofa. Also check your carpets or rugs for pee. Make it a habit to clean surfaces where you think they often stay on. I know the task is laborious, but that’s what you earn from owning a cat.


If your house is well ventilated, then a stinky cat odor buildup is less of an issue. Definitely, your house has windows. Have some fresh air into your house, by opening the windows near the areas where bad smell circulates.

However, when doing it, consider the location of your accommodation. If you live in a high-rise condo, better not think about it. Your air conditioner is always your better alternative to neutralize the bad odor in your room. In the winter, it can be very cold, so it might not be a good idea to do it. Nonetheless it is one of your economical options.

Air fresheners

When your air conditioner doesn’t suffice or if you aren’t satisfied and you want to make sure your room is free of bad cat smell; you can use an air freshener. But since cats are sensitive to scented smell, do make sure to use a natural one.


It is good to maintain your house clean and free from bad odor the cat produces. You need to put in a lot of work but that’s what it means to be a cat owner.

It is quite challenging but the love and affection your cat gives back to you is more than you can ask for. Keep the clean and healthy and the smell should go away. 

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