Here’s What Your Cat Does At Night While You Are Sleeping


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Cats are not mere pets but more like a child. They won’t let you peacefully sleep at night for some reason.Since cats nap a lot in the daytime, they gained so much energy for the night.With that, cats do various activities while you are asleep. You may have no idea of what your pet does at night, so we will give you some hints.

Five Cat Hobbies at Night

You may be knocked down after a long tiring day that you won’t notice your cat’s doing at night. Most of the time you are surprised at what cats did at night when you wake up in the morning. Here are five usual things a cat does while you are sleeping:

1. Cats sleep, in-between persons

Many cat owners had been surprised by a cat lying beside them at night.This night pet can drive their owners to suffer lack of sleep at times. But sometimes there are reasons behind those disturbing habits of cats. Some owners find this hobby cute.

2. Cats sleep everywhere

Cats love to sleep for long hours. It may be on a couch, on the window, and other corners of the house.You are lucky enough when you found cats sleeping late at night because that is not a normal thing. When cats sleep nearby you, he/she just protects you.

3. Cats destroy things

This is so alarming for every cat owner. There are issues of things scattered all over the place in the morning.We have nothing to blame except for the one who is awake all night. Cats do what they feel like doing, including such disaster. So, better secure your things before going to sleep.

4. Cats chase other cats

While the owners are sleeping, the pets play with each other.You can hear soft‘meows’ on the roof or even inside the house. This happens because of the energy gained during the daytime. For some cat keepers, it affects their productivity the next day as they lacked sleep last night.The best solution here is to set a time to play with your cats. Perhaps they are just getting your attention.

5. Cats wake you up

After a day of being alone at home, your cats might be longing for your attention. This is an annoying act of affection for those tired all day long.But, cats are very well in waking up its owner at night. They do head butts or love bites just to wake their person up. You will be having no choice but to play with them.

5 Reasons why cat wakes you up at night

There must be reasons behind those hobbies done by cats at night.Here are 5 things initiating the cat wakeup call:

  • The cat is maybe sick with a mild ailment such as toothache. Yowling cats might be experiencing arthritis, high blood pressure, or hyperthyroidism.
  • The cat is hungry thus invokes a feeding process. Feeding cats with a healthy snack before bedtime may reduce wake up calls.
  • The cat is getting your attention. It is bad attention-seeking behavior that needs to be corrected with a few corrective measures.
  • The cat is distracted by your night light. They have a night-vision thus low-light is a must to discourage their activeness.
  • The cat is just bored. It is similar to getting attention, but this time he/she really wants to play in the middle of the night.

What will you do to stop cats from disturbing your sleep?

You may really want to take some rest at night, so here are ways to prevent cats from stealing your needed sleep:

  • Make your feline pet tired by letting him play interactive sessions at night. For example, is mimic toys and fetching, until it seems tired.
  • Feed the cats before bedtime. Provide them a big meal or purchase a timed feeder for convenience. Reduce the pet’s normal meal size for them not to gain weight.
  • Do ways of making the cats active during the day. When cats are tired in the daytime, they will just fall asleep at night.
  • Use devices to stop the cat’s bad behavior at night. Place something on the door that will discourage the cat to enter in. There are many helpful devices in the market in getting rid of playful cats.
  • If nothing happens, ask for an expert’s help. There might be something wrong with your pet wherein they can discuss.

Final Words

To sum it all, cats are so active during the hours of rest by humans. They do many activities without getting tired caused by their long-day rest.Most of what cat does while everyone is asleep is not good.

Your feline pet might destroy things out of innocence or intentionally. Whatever cats do is acceptable to most cat parents. It only takes a lot of understanding and love for the pet.

Share this post with your friends struggling with the same chaos brought by cats while they are having a sound sleep.I hope we make you understand better your feline pet.

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