Here’s the Right Way to Pet a Cat


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Cats make wonderful pets and they can be very fun if you know how to interact with them. Felines are very special animals and they have their own unique ways of doing things. Once you spend lots of time with your cat, you will see they can be playful and especially loyal companions.

Cats also enjoy solitude and will often want to spend time alone. It is important to learn when they want to be approached and when they don’t. Here are some tips on how to build your cat’s confidence and make them come to you for affection.

If you are approaching a cat for the first time, it is best if you extend your arm to them. They will likely smell your hand and begin to rub their head in the position they would like you to pet them. If you get down to their level they will also feel less threatened and more at ease.

Who doesn’t like a good head massage? Well, cats are no different and they enjoy it very much. Always remember to pet them in the direction their fur goes, they don’t enjoy being rubbed the opposite way.

You should run your fingers across their head, not patting, but gently stroking. They will show signs of enjoyment by closing their eyes and may begin to pur. Not all cats pur very much, so don’t get discouraged if they do not.

Cats also enjoy a good scratch behind the ears. They may tilt the head as to guide your hand. Allow them to take control so they feel comfortable and enjoy it.

Under the chin and slightly below the neck are also good places to try. Also, pet them from the back of the neck up to where the tail starts. They will close their eyes and may start to meow softly.

If you pet them too long or in a way they do not like, they will move their tail slowly. They will increasingly move their tail if you don’t stop or change the way you are petting them. Pay close attention to these signs so that you don’t make your cat uncomfortable.

When your cat feels comfortable and at ease around you, they will often lay on their back with the stomach in the air. This is a sign that they trust you, but it is not a good idea to rub their belly. Most cats will get angry when you try, so don’t betray their confidence in you.

There are cats who enjoy a good stomach rub, so proceed with caution if you try. If they don’t like it, they will most likely try to swat at you or maybe even bite. Please be careful if you attempt this.

Another place they don’t like to be touched is the tail. They may become agitated and try to strike you if you do it. They don’t care to be rubbed on the paws usually either.

If you have small children, you must watch them very carefully around your cat. Infants could try to approach them and unintentionally upset the cat. If you teach your children proper ways to interact with your cat at an early age, it will be much easier.

Give your cat little treats occasionally and layout an empty box or two for them. Cats enjoy having places to escape to if they feel threatened or need alone time.

With time and patience, you and your cat will understand each other very well. You will learn what he or she does and doesn’t like. Your relationship will become much more pleasant and you will enjoy a happy life together.


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