Does Your Cat Miss You When You are Gone?


Cats have lived alongside humans for thousand of years which in return have inspired the development of a mutual relationship between 2 different species. As we spent more time living with cats, we realized how mysterious and fascinating our feline companions are.

Their unpredictable behavior, independent personality and among other indifferent demeanors have greatly contributed to their well – known enigmatic character. However, their peculiar ways do not make them the least favorable pets, but rather these are their strong points in charming many pet lovers.

We learned to love them unconditionally, that we find it hard to be separated from them. But the question is, “Does your cat miss you when you are gone?” Without a miss, the answer is “yes!” our cats may have the propensity to miss their owners when they are not around. Afterall, cats are no different from other home pets.

Signs that your cat misses you

The bond between a pet and its owner is special in its own way. Cats may not have the ability to show us how much they miss us in a way we can easily determine. They have their own special way to express how much they actually feel lonely while we were away. We just need to understand and figure out the meaning of sudden changes in their behaviors or actions. Here are some of the signs that your cat actually feels uncomfortable when you are not in their line of sight.

  1. They purr so much and may do stretches around you upon your arrival. Purring is one way for cats to communicate to their owners which means they are asking for your undivided attention. They stretch around you asking to be pet. These actions signify that they are very happy that you are finally home.
  2. Your cats will urinate in some areas around your house like your bedroom or places where you usually stay. This is a way for them to leave their scent and may suggest that they are not pleased with your absence.
  3. They may destroy some objects in your house or may create a mess. This action may means that your cats are in a stressful situation or in an extreme feeling of separation anxiety. Not being able to see their owner around especially if the absence take longer time can result to agitation.
  4. In a worst case scenario, your cats may get ill. Due to extreme stress or anxiety, it is possible that the health of your cats is maybe at risk. They may lose their appetite despite another person takes care of them. You see, cats may have the ability to be attached with their owners emotionally.

How to lessen their separation anxiety?

There are ways we can actually do to help minimize the possibility of our pet cat getting stress while we are away.

  1. The most effective way is perhaps is hiring someone to temporarily pet – sit your cats while you are gone. This is highly effective especially if you were to be away for quite some time. Your cats will have a better chance of eating properly and be taken care of with a cat sitter. Also, it will put your heart at ease if you know that there is someone capable of taking care of your pets while you are away.
  2. It is advisable that you provide toys that can keep your cats entertain while you are on a vacation or at work. Cats are naturally playful and curious, so interactive toys are good options to keep them away from being bored.
  3. Prepare their foods and water in advance. Make sure they are well fed and can drink water adequately. One main reason for our cats to feel stress is the possibility of them not being able to eat their food on time. Cats are quite strict with their schedule.

Why do people want to have cat as their pet

Many pet lovers choose to take pets because of many reasons like for companionship. With their adorable antics to lovable personalities, it is no doubt that living with a pet can bring so much joy and fulfillment in our life. They heal us from the stress we feel from our routinary activities and teach us the true essence of unconditional love.

Some people are inclined in choosing dogs for they are known as the most popular choice for pet however a relative number of pet lovers are more fascinated in getting cats as companions. Cats are generally deemed as independent creatures with their ability to take care of themselves with less demands from their owners.

At some points, they appear to be indifferent to their owners and they seem to have their own world but cats like other pets, are capable of missing their owner so much.

Factors to Consider about your cat missing you

  • Cat Breed – cats have different personality traits and this will likely affect how much your cat misses you.
  • Owner’s upbringing – your cat’s behavior also depends on how you raised your cat.


The likeliness of our cats showing an impassive behavior is relatively common; however, we must be keen on deciphering changes in their actions.

We must always consider that cats are also capable of showing emotions. And that these emotions should be reciprocated.

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