Do Siamese Cats Like Water?


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Cats are generally known to have an intense dislike for water.  Some people even discipline their cats for jumping on counters with a spray bottle.  But if you’ve ever seen a Siamese cat near water, you might be wondering if this cat is a little different.

Do Siamese cats like water? Siamese cats are one of a handful of domestic cat breeds that like water. They are very interested in water and will even play in water.

There are other questions that pop up once you know that this breed of cat enjoys the water.  Do they like baths and should I bathe them?  Does that spray bottle technique work to correct unwanted behavior?  And the million-dollar question, what other breeds like the water and why didn’t we know about this?

Can I Give My Siamese Cat a Bath?

Growing up in a family that always had cats around the house (we weren’t crazy cat people but we did love our cats) we never bathed our cats.  It wasn’t done because cats don’t like water right? 

If you wanted to take a chance on giving the cat a bubble bath it was likely you would walk away bleeding and needing several bandaids.  A good lesson would be learned and the story would be laughed at later. 

That isn’t always the case though.  A Siamese cat is unlikely to cause you injury during a bath session due to the fact that they really do like water.  Full submersion may not be their favorite thing, but the interest in the water alone will protect you.

This is one of those things though that just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Let us explain, cats handle most of their grooming needs alone depending on the breed.  Siamese cats are middle of the road when it comes to the maintenance level and require some light brushing now and then. 

They really don’t need baths so we don’t recommend giving them unless they got out and got very dirty or there is another issue that they can’t handle themselves.  However, you, as the owner, can bathe them as much as you desire.

Will a Siamese Cat Play in Water?

Siamese cats really enjoy playing in the water and take a great interest in any kind of water that they find. If you have a dripping faucet you can almost guarantee your cat will be right there swatting at the water.  They may even try to drink from the tap as it leaks.

If you have this breed of cat they will likely follow you into the bathroom every chance they get and even stalk you while you are in the tub.  They will probably swat at the water and dip their furry little paw in as you are trying to decompress from your day.

Siamese cats are quite dog-like in this way.  This is the only time we will probably compare a Siamese cat and a dog but it is true.

Will the Spray Bottle Method Work?

I’m sure that by this time you have guessed the answer to this question.  This will not work.  One of the favorite and most effective ways of stopping an unwanted behavior is a cat, is spraying them with water from a small spray bottle.  We have used this method many times. 

While we have always had success, a Siamese cat was never the target of our behavior modification. You can still try it if you really want to, but it is unlikely to stop them from scratching your furniture, in fact, they may continue just to get sprayed by water.

The greatest effect the water will have on the cat is making them squint if you happen to mist their faces.  They won’t run away or even stop what they are doing.

What Breeds of Cat Like Water?

Now that we know this interesting bit of information about the Siamese cat, we wondered what other breeds of cats might like water.  If you are curious as well, we have a shortlist of just a few of the other breeds that wouldn’t mind taking a swim.  The first one of this list may surprise you more than the Siamese.


That’s right, a hairless cat likes water.  They are very curious and even-tempered cats that will not mind having a bath or playing in the water. The reason for this love of water is due to their lack of hair.

Because they don’t have fur, they need to be bathed on a regular basis.  If they don’t get washed then their skin will be very oily.  Because of the constant interaction with water, they learn to love it and even start to look forward to bath time.

British Shorthair

The simple curiosity of this adorable breed of cat leads them to a dripping faucet every time.  They love to investigate and have little fear of new things.  It isn’t water itself that the cat likes but the movement of the water.

A commonplace behavior is playing with toys that float in the water and splashing in their water dish with their paws. This is similar behavior to the Siamese cats with water. 

Maine Coon

As the largest of the domestic breeds and a natural copy cat of their owners, they tend to think to take a bath or shower is great just because their person does it.  They do have a natural love and curiosity towards as will be evidenced by the large mess around their water bowl.

This breed does not actually need many baths.  This is the same as a Siamese cat.  They are wonderful at grooming themselves and will rarely need any help with it. But if they jump in the tub just take advantage of the situation to make things easy.

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