Do cats fart?” For many, it may sound trivial to ask such hilarious (not really) question, but I believe some of you find it interesting. You want to know the truth behind it, don’t you? The simple answer to the question is yes, they certainly do.

For us humans, it is our nature to break wind. That’s a completely normal, and healthy occurrence and cats are no different from us. They also pass gas though we don’t normally hear, or even smell it. To be honest with you, I haven’t heard a cat fart.

They say, to see is to believe, but why do I have such a bold claim they fart? Wait, something is off about that last statement. Scratch that. They say, to hear is to believe. Why not? Just like humans, cats have digestive tract which causes them to pass gas. It is imperative for cats to excrete excess gas from their body. This is sothey can maintain a more relaxing and satisfying behavior. 

Why Cats Fart

The bigger question here is why do cats fart? According to veterinarians, there are some good explanations as to why cats fart. Feline flatulence, also known as fart, is the result of a gas buildup in the cat’s digestive system. This is mainly due to gulping. Cats don’t gulp as often as dogs or other animals do, but still it is one of the reasons that causes cats to fart.

Food is another obvious suspect that affects their digestive system allowing them to fart. Normally, diets that are high in fiber contribute heavily to having your digestive system flow. In addition, being lactose intolerant in some cases makes it worse. Other inedible foods that the cat eats can also have something to do with it.

Implications of Flatulence

There are some health concerns associated with the passing of gas. While farting regularly tells the body it’s normal; more than usual, on the other hand, needs personal and medical attention. This sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Imagine your butt responsible for sporadic gas attacks. Your friends are going to freak out and they will understandably leave or at the very least be disgusted. How’s that sound to you?

But, seriously speaking. This thing might have been caused by parasites infestations, gastrointestinal disorders and viruses. These may lead to not only abnormal farting but other serious health concerns.

Fart Prevention

One thing is crystal clear, abnormal farting is the by-product of digestive related disorders. Your cat’s health depends mainly on the food and care you provide. Before things get worse, take some preventive measures. You don’t want to be labeled as an irresponsible cat owner. Here are some the things you can do.

Cat’s Daily Diet 

What goes inside your mouth determines your health. Your cat need to feed your cat properly. Basically, since cats are omnivores, they need protein in order to reach optimal health. There are many ways to get them the nutrients they need whether it be fish, meat, nuts, fruits, and other such things, it is important to note that since cats are omnivores meat and fish is their most healthy source of proteins.

To fully understand the cat’s diet, it is best to seek a veterinarian’s assistance. Try to find out whether you are overfeeding or underfeeding your cat. Overfeeding often leads to obesity while not providing enough food will lead to malnutrition. When the cat is still hungry, it may develop unusual eating habits. Non-food like plastic, wool, or garments can possibly become a part of your cat’s diet. 


Gastrointestinal parasites like roundworms, tapeworms and hookworms are common parasites that can be found in the cat’s digestive system. They cause a lot of health problems such as diarrhea, anemia, vomiting, coughing, bloody feces and other bacterial and viral related issues.

In order to prevent parasites from populating, you can start with good clean habits. Doing the basics like providing clean water, shaking off dirt or debris from the cat’s towel or bed, washing their garments and replacing with clean ones, removing feces from the litter box and other basic pet care and cat hygiene. Aside from these, there are effective treatments prescribed by veterinarians for deworming.

Health disorders 

There is more to caring cats. Your responsibility doesn’t end food and cleanliness. While abnormal farting is less concerning, intestinal diseases are one of the real main concerns. If you can do something to prevent these, then farting will no longer be an issue.

Cancer may be the most shocking thing you would find out when your cat is not properly cared. Since health concerns are a more complicated battle, going to the vet for annual checkups is your best option. They can talk to you about your cat’s health, and give you advice on what to keep doing or change.


What’s the big deal about cats farting? I can fart whenever and wherever I want. You see, that’s none of your business. Jokes aside, excessive farting is not to be taken lightly. It is extremely suffocating and embarrassing.

Okay, I am really serious now. I mean it. Sorry about that. If you truly care about your cat, don’t wait for this farting thing to happen. Take initiative and be proactive about preventing your cat from getting sick. Be a responsible cat owner. Take it to the next level! Say no to unusual farting.