Can Cats Eat Scrambled Eggs


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Cats are domesticated animals that are a very common pet to most of us. Petting cats might sound easy for most of us, although there are some who consider it a difficult task. Well, a cat is a small animal that you will usually see in every household like the dog. The diet for cats is not hard to prepare as they are able to eat most foods that we can prepare for them.

There are a lot of ways to prepare a meal out of eggs. The protein contained by the egg is very good for your pet cat. The thing is, can cats eat scrambled eggs? Well, that question is a matter for us to make sure it will be good and not harmful to our cats.

We can get a lot of nutrition from eggs, maybe that is why it is one of the best choices for our breakfast meals aside from they are easy to prepare. Although, it is not a good idea to eat raw eggs for us humans and to cats. Raw eggs can give us the risk of having diseases like salmonella, it can be harmful enough to cause death on some occasions. Let us find if cats can eat scrambled eggs at the end of the day.

Eggs for your cats

Our feline friends do not have any problems with cholesterol in their diets. The nutritional contents found in the eggs will not give any hard to the cats. In fact, an egg is a good meal that can give protein to different animals. But even though eggs are very nutritious, they are considered to be an unbalanced diet for cats. If you are going to feed egg to a cat, be sure to give them just a small amount because you will not wish your cat to gain a lot of calories.

At the same time, cats can be picky about the food they eat. They are known to be neophiliac which means they enjoy a diet that includes a variety of foods. When you have a cat as a pet, always remember to bring them a balanced diet as much as possible. The amount of proteins in the eggs is too much for the protein need of a cat. Whenever you give a cat a meal with egg, be sure that it was just a part of the meal instead of giving it as a wholesome meal for your pet.

What is in the Egg?

Experts believe that an adult cat requires a lot of calories daily and egg yolk can provide it for your pet. The healthiest part of an egg is its yolk, that is why you should try giving it to your pet separately to other parts. While the egg white has a substance that affects a nutrient in our body called biotin. Although this does not make the egg white a really bad thing because once the egg is cooked well, everything in it is all fine. The egg white just contains lesser nutrients than the yolk, that is concluded to be given lesser to your cat.

The important thing to determine if the scrambled egg you are cooking is healthy enough is the cooking oil that you are going to use. When you use cooking oil to cook the egg it will have a good amount of fat, but when you use butter to cook the egg it will be really good for the cat because they have lactose intolerant. Remember this, a high amount of fats and calories will not be a good choice for a balanced diet needed by a cat.

Cats can eat scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs can be eaten by your pets, all you need to do is to cook it well and properly. You also need to limit its proportion to the meal of your cat. Be sure not to forget everything about it as it can cause danger and even death in your pet. Feed them in small quantities and use non-fat ingredients to make it better for your cat’s health. But as much as possible, if you are able to feed the cat with the yolk separated from the egg white it would be far better.


To be honest, it was such an easy question to ask. We all know that animals have different digestive systems compared to humans. The thing is, we only need to remember that our pets need a balanced diet. We should not give them anything that is too much because too much is never proven to be good for anyone.

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