Best Cat Breeds For Kids 


If you are thinking about bringing home a feline buddy for your little ones, then the first point of consideration needs to be whether or not the cat is suitable for kids.

As we all know, kids have the tendency of chasing, prodding tugging, poking and hugging around— tightly! Plus, they can be a bit loud and annoying during playtime.

Fortunately, there are cat breeds out there that are suitable to accompany your rambunctious little one. Here are the top cat breeds for kids:

1. Abyssinian

Bearing a resemblance to cats from ancient Egypt, the Abyssinians are muscular, long and slender felines. These cats are affectionate, loyal and among the most playful feline breed.

The aby is inquisitive and highly active which can provide a great companion to your little ones. They keep themselves busy and will certainly head for heights and curiosity, providing your kids with lots of entertainment with their athletic exploration.

2. Manx

Manx are known for having no tail— which is just a good reason why they are great for kids. No tails mean that kids will have nothing to pull. Sometimes the Manx looks like it is ready to pounce or sticking its butt up in the air, but this is a very friendly cat.

Its tall hind legs, let it jump really high and they love heights so do not be surprised to find Manx cats watching you from the top of your bedroom door. Manx are highly playful breed and some seem to have a dog personality since it enjoys digging and burying up toys.

Most Manx are quite attached to their families or owners. And once they have formed bonds, they are unlikely to transfer it to others. Some Manx can also be affection to others, including people outside their domestic families.

3. Ragdoll

Picking up a Ragdoll, all of its muscles tend to relax and makes you feel like you are holding a limp, lifeless cat. Not to worry though! This is natural behavior for Ragdolls. Although scientists can’t really explain the reason as to why this feline breed goes limp when lifted.

Despite its quirkiness, the Ragdoll is actually a sturdy cat and somewhat inactive. They make a great pet and will follow you around. Also, they get along with kids as well as dogs. They can learn small tricks such as “play dead” or “fetch”. However, if your kid wants an active feline, then Ragdoll is not for them. This feline is more likely to enjoy cuddlings.

4. Cornish Rex

Unlike the Ragdoll, Cornish Rex loves being active, fetch toys and balls and loves the company of other pets. This breed has a reputation for racing around and performing acrobatics when very excited.

Being an adventurous breed, the Cornish Rex can usually be seen scouting every nooks and crannies such as the inside of a washing machine or under the refrigerator. It is highly adaptable to situations and is known to get along really well with timid or shy kids.

5. Maine Coon

An extremely playful breed, the Maine Coon love the great outdoors— so be sure that you have an outdoor pen or garden where it can roam around and get rowdy for an extended period of time.

This feline is known to chirp like birds instead of the typical “meowing” sound and will keep your kids entertained with its huge personalities. Plus, they are highly fascinated with water.

Maine Coon is also very loyal to their family. And they do have a restless sleeping habit and usually shift during the night. So, do not be surprised finding your cat in a paws-up position or an awkward spot in the morning.

6. Siamese

Remember the 2 mischievous cats from Walt Disney’s Lady and the Tramp singing:

“We are Siamese if you pleeease…”

These slender, long-necked, shorthaired cats appear dignified, lean, and almost self-righteous— however, they make a great family pet. Their big ears might caught your attention first, but their blue and almond-shaped eyes will be lasting.

The Siamese has a reputation for keeping up with a meowing dialogue with its owners. They are also gluttons for attention and is able to form a loyal and strong relationship with family members.

So, forget about the naughty Siamese cats you saw in the film, this cat breed will surely be loved by your kids.

7. American Short Hair

Nicknames as the “working cat”, the American Shorthair has a muscular, shorthaired (obviously), body that can withstand lots of playtimes. American Shorthair is a medium-activity feline and has a personality that is quite playful and loving.

It is even-tempered and is known for its strong loyalty and developing a deep relationship with its family. Not only is it highly companionable for kids, but it also likes dogs and other pets.

8. Persian

Persians are famous for their fuuuurs! This incredibly docile and flat-faced feline is so shiny and fluffy that your little one might mistake it for a stuffed toy. With a low level of activity, Persians are great pets for younger kids who do not need a highly active pet in order to stay engaged.

The Persian can teach your little one about playing nice and taking care of its basic needs. This breed is undemanding, so it is not going to follow you around the house to get your attention or figuring what you are up to. However, they do love affection and petting.

9. British Shorthair

This feline breed shares many qualities with its off-shoot breed, the American Shorthair. It has a muscular body that needs little grooming and can take enthusiastic grabbing or petting.

This feline is extremely loyal and deeply bond with kids and other family members. Demonstrating lots of personalities, the British Shorthair is highly playful and friendly.

10. Tiffany

Also known as Chantilly, the Tiffany is a semi-longhaired feline with a shiny coat. It has a full and broad cheekbone with round face plush with fur. Its fur feels like silk and has a really great aesthetic appeal.

Tiffany has an ideal temperament and balanced personality and is often dubbed as a Goldilocks cat. This feline is active but also loves some quiet time. It is intuitive but is not aggressive nor will get into any mischievous activities.

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