Are Cats Cleaner Than Dogs?


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Cats and dogs might be the most common household pets that you can find, although recently there are more pet owners who prefer cats because they believe that cats are cleaner than dogs.

Well, you can actually say that cats are way cleaner because they are very aware of their own hygiene and only need very little help and assistance from their owners in cleaning themselves given the fact that cats prefer staying indoors.

So, if you are thinking of cats as your pets, you would also love to know some other cleanliness and hygienic facts about them.

How Do Cats Maintain Their Own Cleanliness?

You already know that cats are meticulous about their own hygiene, now you will be able to learn how they groom and clean themselves.

You probably notice that cats often use their tongue to in wiping parts of their bodies that they can reach, that is their effective way of cleaning their bodies because the tongue of cats has tiny barbs that serve a bunch of purposes such as the following:

  • It helps in removing loose and dead furs in their body.
  • It helps in removing the odor of their meal from their fur and even whiskers.
  • It helps getting rid of parasites.
  • It helps in increasing their body circulation
  • It helps in regulating their temperature.

Why Are Cats Considered Cleaner Than Dogs?

As far as we can observe there are a lot of differences between cats and dogs, especially when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

In order to convince you that cats are way cleaner compared to dogs, here are a few considerable things about cat’s grooming and hygiene.

1. Cats prefer and are contented staying inside the house

If you have already experienced being a dog-owner, you probably know that dogs are not meant to spend a day at home without getting their paws outdoors. Dogs are required to spend plenty of time outside your house in order for them to live a healthy lifestyle.

Well, it is not a big deal of cats if you don’t have a lot of time to walk them outside because cats typically prefer to live indoors perching beside a window or slouching within a couch.

Knowing that cats are not totally required to go outdoors, there is also a very small chance that a cat will get themselves dirty.

Staying indoors also keep your pet away from any parasite that they can get from interacting with other animals.


2. Cats are hunters

Our feline friends are also predators just like their relatives and cousins in the animal kingdom, cats usually hunt pest that is lurking inside your house like a tiny mouse, cockroaches, and other smaller animals.

If you want to get rid of some pest problems inside your household, petting a cat can be a great choice that you should consider.

And before we forget, that can be considered that cats are cleaner knowing that they hunt pest that dogs didn’t do.


3. Cats Groom Themselves

We all know that dogs love to go over stuff that has an unusual odor or smell like garbage, poop, and dead animals. Well, that’s kind of a “yuck” stuff for them and that makes pet owners to spend time bathing them and in worst cases, dog owners are also required to bring them to a dog groomer.

But that was a completely different thing when it comes to our feline friends, cats are natural self-grooming individuals that spent a lot of time cleaning and grooming their bodies.

You don’t also need to worry about them running into the paddle of muds outside as they are contented pouncing over small pests like the mouse.


Hygienic Nature

If you have ever noticed and observed, cats clean their selves in a very conventional way. Cats actually clean themselves with a certain pattern. For example, cats will lick their paws to apply saliva on it before they rub their nose into circular motion.

That also applies when they clean their ears, face, and the rest of their bodies. They use their paws and tongue in cleaning every section of their body. But are you aware that they actually inherit and learn these practices right after their birth? Yes, they learned that from their mother that cleans them by licking them.


If you are going to ask several pet owners who own cats and dogs, you will probably be going to hear a different opinion. But I am sure that most of those opinions will state that cats are cleaner because of their hygienic nature of self-grooming.

That was one huge factor that made cats a popular pet. Considering that we are now living in a very busy and fast pacing world, you might lose a lot of time to focus on the hygiene of your pet that is why it is better to choose a pet that has self-consciousness.

But that doesn’t mean that we should not give them attention, in the end, it is not important if they are dog or cat as long as we show them the love that they deserve.

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