7 Cat Care Mistakes to Avoid


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Some people treat their cat as a part of the family, not only as a pet. They put so much attention to them. And they also want their four-legged family member to be happy and healthy. As much as possible they will spend so much money just to make sure they are safe and healthy.

We are taking care of our pets because they serve as a stress reliever and they bring joy to the family. Their cuteness and a playful attitude make the family happy.

Here are the mistakes to avoid while taking care of your cat

1. Failure to bring the cat to vet for a regular check-up

Bringing your cat to vet regularly will ensure their health. Some owners set aside the fact that their cat needs veterinary care. The cat cannot tell what they feel and you cannot even notice it if they are suffering from illness or they aren’t feeling well. So, if you do a regular check-up for your cat dangerous illness will prevent.

The owner sometimes setting aside bringing their cats to vet, but they cry so hard when their cat passed away.


2. Serve the cats so much foods

Just like humans, if the cat eats so many foods which exceeds to normal it will be bad to the body of the cat. Obesity is the health problem of those who eats so much. And a cat can also suffer from this illness. And if the cat will be obese, numerous illness will possibly be caught by their body. It is normal for the cat to look for their food even it is not meal time. That why you should not spoil your cats, just give them food when only it is meal time.


3. Comfortable that your indoor cat will not fleas

When your cat stays inside the house, it doesn’t mean they will not catch fleas or another parasite. These pest, fleas and parasites, have their own way how to enter the house so be careful. The cats are prone to tapeworms and roundworms which causes a problem. And also, mosquitos can bring heartworms to the cat. So, a regular check-up for parasite prevention is needed.


4. Don’t care about the cat’s teeth

Dental health is also important for the cat. When they are 3 years and up, they are prone to dental health issues. Thus, don’t wait for them to suffer from that before doing something for them. Always remember, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, act now before it too late later. Brushing your cat’s teeth on your own can be an option. But knowing your cat, they don’t want it. So, it is better to ask the vet for other option on how to take care of your cat’s teeth to be healthy and pain-free.


5. Punishing the cat when doing bad

Cats are innocent, they don’t know if they are doing good or bad. I guest punishing them is okay but not brutally. They just need to know that what they are doing is not good. But if your cat starts to walk away from you, you should stop punishing them when they do bad. Think of something or another way for them to prevent from doing thing bad in your eyes.


6. Using the product of dogs or other animals to your cat

Products made for the dog are for dogs only. And product for cats is for cats only. Why? Because those products are labeled and made for what their body can accept. Other products made for the dog are much more dangerous to cats. Just like flea-control products, if you use it to cat there is the chance that they may die. Before using any product for our cat, be sure to ask first their vet because they are the one who knows what are the best for your cat and what is bad for them.


7. Ignoring the litterbox of the cat

The litterbox is where your cat poop and pee. Cleaning this is one of the most annoying things you will do for your cat. But when you clean it and see the difference in your cat’s poop will serve as a warning or sign that they have an illness. You can’t easily see if your cat is not feeling well and their litterbox can be a way for you to know if they aren’t well.


There is 7 way to take good care of your cat. They may demand some of your time but thinking that you are doing it for your lovely cat will serve as a motivation. You should think the reason why did you decide to have a pet like a cat. It is not just to abandon them, right? It is because you want to take care of them.

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