6 Ways to Cat Proof Your Couch


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Cats are well-armed with sharp pointed claws and we know that they are there for a reason. Your furniture at home specially your couch will have to undergo some redesigning with scratches and shed fur from your beloved feline. If you don’t care much about it then I guess it’s completely fine to let your cat do whatever she wants.

For your information our furry friends display the scratching behavior for many reasons. They do such action to remove the dead outer layers of their claws, to mark their territory with scent glands, and to stretch their bodies and exercise.

So please understand that they are just acting normally. It’s healthy for them. Still we want to live with them comfortably. There are things we can do to avoid an ugly and messy looking couch without disappointing our cats. Below are some useful tips you should apply at home.

Have a scratch post

Scratch posts come in different sizes and shape but choosing shouldn’t be difficult. Any should be just fine.Mainly,posts are covered with either felt or rope which are actually suitable for their claws. Simply place the post where your cat usually spends time. The cat should notice it easily.

If it is not effective for whatever reason then you might want to reposition it somewhere else you think her territory and observe until you get to figure out where she prefers do the ritual scratching. To make your life easier you may also want to add some flavors to the mix. How about spraying catnip on the post? It sure does help.

Have more scratching Alternatives

Sometimes, the scratch post textures aren’t attractive enough for your cat. If that’s the case then you have no choice but to try other textures like corrugated cardboard, sisal, and carpet. Some scratch posts have all these traits in one. While it may be expensive to experiment in such manner, you have to think you are doing this for everyone’s benefit. Besides you are a cat lover and spending some of your hard-earned bucks should not be an issue.

Clean your sofa with citrus-based fresheners

The scent can most likely make your cat stay away from your favorite sofa. Cats aren’t thrilled at all with the citrus scent.  Their sense of smell are many times stronger than us humans and while we find some pleasure in smelling citrus, for them it’s just way too strong. They find it difficult to tolerate the scent. Nonetheless it is safe to use since it is not toxic.

By regularly spraying your sofa with citrus freshener, it should be enough to spoil them from performing their somewhat unfriendly scratching habit. In addition, you will enjoy a more refreshing environment. In a way you will feel bad for your cat but she should understand there is a proper and better place for scratching.

Nail caps for cats

Instead of declawing, applying nail caps on them is safer and more humane. These are tiny plastic claw covers that you attach on your cat’s nails. They are something you can easily apply on your own but if you feel the need of someone’s assistance, going to the vet is always advisable.

They can actually teach you how. Some pet parents are worried whether these caps are safe or not. Do they bother the cats or not? According to experts the caps don’t prevent cats from retracting their claws; however proper and careful application is necessary to prevent any possible damage or pain.

It is interesting to note that the cat’s claws will still grow naturally. On the other hand, caps can’t be very friendly to some and it also takes a few days or longer for them to be accustomed to their newly manicured nails.

This is something you can try but it is not guaranteed your cats will love it. One thing is sure, your couch will not be shredded.

Another beautification alternative

We are looking at good ways on how we can stop our pets from destroying our furniture. Trimming is an old practice pet parents do to their cats. Ideally, it’s good to start clipping their nails while they are still young. Apparently when they grow old, you won’t have much challenge doing it.

There are things you have to consider when cutting their nails though. Again, if you aren’t so sure and confident. seeking vet’s assistance should be a great option.

Use pet pheromone products

This must be your last option. Though it is effective, Pheromone is intended mainly for aggression problems between cats. Though it does apply for scratching behavior it isn’t your best choice but it’s a temporary solution you can apply and is safe for cat use. Unless your cat is acting undisciplined or is having some behavioral issues and is leaving scratches not only on your sofa but all over the house this is something you can install.

This is actually best used If you have many cats, and they are territorial and aggressive to one another. Or if you are traveling together and you want to avoid possible stress from your cat, pheromone is very useful.


It is certainly is not easy to deal with such problem but all we have to do is have the patience to come up with a resolve.

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