7 Senior Cat Health Tips

Cats deserve attention and best care, but most of all senior cats extremely need special attention especially when it comes to their health matters. As the cat’s age is increasing their health requirements is change and they need our time to provide them their needs.

The word “senior” has taken to describe the older/aging cat. Most cats were considered as seniors if their age is between 12 to 14 years old it is according to ASPCA.

There are various things you can do as a cat owner to keep your cats healthy, it is not and never too late, to begin with, and consider these 7 tips.

1. Regular veterinary visits

Once a cat is already senior, their nutritional needs and wellness require fine-tuning for every 4 to 6 months. It is very significant to review their muscle tone, weight, diet, joint range of motion, supplement practice and exercise routines at least twice a year for senior/older pets.

Upon visiting your senior cats to a veterinarian, make sure to indicate all behavior changes that you have been observed on your cat, even it is minor you must still mention it so that they can provide an appropriate clue and treatment about their health problems.

It is also important to regularly monitor the weight of your cat(s) to ensure that they are not becoming too thin and too heavy.

The excellent tool for early detection of the changes in the health of your cat is the senior pet wellness screen, by this tool the treatment, including the proper lifestyle changes may start immediately. 

As a part of the checkup, your veterinarian will perform a blood (including the thyroid levels) stool and urine sample test and physical exam.

The regular wellness screens allow also your vet to easily compare the current result with the past result test to check the changes that may necessarily need further investigation.


2. Keep your senior cats mentally and physically stimulated

Practice the cat’s mind and body with the regular exercise that appropriate for the age of the cats and its physical condition, and the mental stimulation (treat-release toy and puzzles can be helpful). Keep your senior cat(s) free from any stress. 


3. Provide proper nutritional needs

Veterinarians believe that senior pets need more protein than younger pets. Pet owners should give their attention to their senior cats, give them a healthy lifestyle.

Sadly, the cat’s weight isn’t always realized or give importance. Latest data shows that 58 percent of cats were stated as obese or overweight – according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention.

Obesity is one of the common problems of pets, it can be harmful to the health of the cat. Obese cats have several added stresses in the body and it may also increase the risk of liver problems, joint pain, and diabetes – these are just a few possible consequences.

If you really care your cats, one of the very basic ways is to give them a properly balanced diet to maintain their adequate body weight.


4. Avoid infectious diseases

Your veterinarian should discourse to you about the vaccinations as adequate for management factors, lifestyle, local laws and regions, and geographic region.


5. Keep your senior cat’s body comfortable

If your cat(s) seem like physically uncomfortable, do not assume that it is just only a natural part or signs of aging. Make sure that she is not in discomfort, go to your vet to immediately determine the health concerns of your senior cat. The sooner the health problems are treated and diagnosed, the better the result.

Keeping your cat(s) physically active and at good weight can help to control and prevent arthritis and progressive joint disease as they getting older. Consult to your veterinarian what appropriate supplements you should be applied to maintain the healthy ligaments, tendons, cartilage and joint of your senior cat.


6. Practice hygiene and good grooming

Maintenance and dental cleaning of gum require systematic veterinary care, however, it can help by you practicing into a habit of cleaning or brushing the teeth of a cat.

Ask your vet how you should improve dental care among professional cleanings.

Senior cats have also special grooming needs, mostly long-haired cat. Regularly brush their hair for them to become a healthy and happy cat.


7. Keep the senior cat inside

Make sure that your senior cat should not allowed outdoors without your supervision, this is the most vital habits you should practice to help your aging cat(s) stay healthy.

According to ASPCA, Cats kept only indoors, a cat that lives inside your home is healthier than other outdoor cats. Older cats can even learn to be happy indoors when you give them enriched environments and provides them an opportunity to be alone.

10 Ideas for Cats in a Small Apartment

Adopting a cat is fun, cats are great companions and a good roommate. Having a cat at home can produce positive health benefit for people. Cats can reduce stress levels, reduces blood pressure, and reduce the risk of depression.

Being a responsible owner, it is important to provide 100% satisfaction to cats needs for their entire life. Cat owner needs to consider many things like food, grooming, exercises, vaccination, and vitamins. Cats can live up to 20 years, giving them space and fun activity makes them a better comfort, feeling secure and positive interaction with human and animals.

Living in a small area or apartment may be so difficult and impossible to give everything cats need. Cats need to be happy like humans, even they are living in an indoor environment.

This article gives you easy ideas/tips on keeping cats happy and safe in a small apartment.  

1. Space For Your Cats

It is better to invest in small furniture especially living in a small apartment. It will increase and provide a bigger space for your cats to move around the house.

Provide a small space for cats to be their sanctuary by buying a cat perch or a window seat for them, this is easy to remove and relocate in other areas of a house.

You can also make some do-it-yourself self-warming cat bed by using an empty drawer, boxes, and blankets to be a resting place.


2. Interactive Toys

Cats love hunting animals, it is suggested to at least once or twice a day they are able to play hunting games and other interactive games. This will be a good help to provide entertainment for you can as well as exercise.

Invest in toys that can be played both of you together or toys that he or she can play by themselves. You can also make your own pet a toy, create a ball using strings, or playing with them using flashlights or lasers. Playing helps your cat for their mental and physical stimulation.

Have a plan of daily routine exercises with your cat like jumping, hide and pounce and playing physical activities is important.


3. Clean Often

There is no exception on an insane volume of cats hair everywhere either you have a small or larger space. Cat’s hair may cause allergies or asthma.

As a house owner, we don’t want to have house furniture full of cat’s hair. Cat’s love comfortable surface areas that are why the love staying on sofas or couches, the first thing you need to do is discourage cats to stay on your furniture.

Have a regular vacuuming to remove the hair, you can also use a brush to protect the fabric of your furniture. Never the less have a schedule of cats grooming. Improper hair treatment may cause hair fall and loss. Cats need regular bathing, combing and brushing to remove old hand damage hair.


4. Make A Plenty Of Things To Scratch On

Scratching is a natural behavior of every cat and the owner must deal worth it. It is annoying seeing clustered around your apartment.

Investing in woods, cardboard of making cat trees may help to reduce scratched to your areas. Cats can also be trained. As an owner, it is good to train your cats to behave properly especially in their scratching habit.


5. Enough food

Feeding cats will increase the relationship of cats to the owner. The right diet is very important for the well-being of your cats.

Look for good quality food that provides your cat’s nutrient and vitamins the needed. It is better to provide only cats food rather than human food. You can make a twist on cat food by mixing to flavor or making it more eye-catching for them.


6. Adopt Another Cat

Cats make happy having a company. You can consider adopting another one to be your cat’s playmate even you’re at work. Have steps to introduce your cat to the new one. Isolated cats are not socialized and maybe not comfortable at once.

You can offer food to both of them by putting food on the feeding station with a separate meal plate. Play with them together this may help them to be comfortable with each other.


7. Have a Time Outdoor

Do some outdoor activity. Cats like humans need fresh air from the outdoor environment. You can go out with your cat at parks or just walk around the area, for them to see other animals.

But never forget to have cautioned, the outdoor environment can give your cats diseases and having fleas or parasites. Make sure the place is clean and secure.


8. Proper Check-up

Going to vet having a monthly check-up is good for your cats, this is a big help to reduce the risk of diseases and makes your cat healthy.

Veterinarians will check the condition of your cats and also their body weight. Doctors also give the necessary treatment and prevention. Clinics also offer pampering season for you cats. A good haircut, massage, and bath are one of the best ways to make your cat happy.


9. Safe Area

As an owner, before leaving your cats at home you need to check things like windows, plugs, water sources, and many more.

A cat jumps a lot, it is very important to always check on the windows and unplug all the cables. It is better to provide both satisfaction and safety for your cat.


10. Play Time

Lastly is having time for your pet. Never forget to have time playing and talking to your pet. Having this kind of activities strengthen your relationship with your pet and make them know you more.

Cats have a sense of affection, they are so affectionate. Simply scratching their belly, playing hide and seek or even hugging cat will benefit you both. 

Do It Yourself Window Perches For Cat

The indoor cats lead healthier and longer lives rather than outdoor cats. But it is still crucial to permits your friend to stimulate home life for both psychological and physical health.

Cat perch is very easy to create. What I like about it, is that it can works with any décor on your bedrooms. There is nothing con to cat trees, let us face the reality, they are not extremely attractive. And some really don’t have enough spaces in their bedrooms. So a lot of cat lovers came up with this kind of idea.

The window perches are the ultimate remedy for your problem. These do it yourself window perches for the cat will give hangout spots on them, the smell of nature, front-row to sights and sounds to make your cats comfortable at home.

Here are the tips and procedures on how to make a window perches for a cat that they will surely love.

Let us call this project with these three basic essentials to-dos:

1. Hang it tight

Hang the seat on the jamb of a window having S-hooks, gold-finish eye hook, and lastly, plumber’s safety irons.


2. Make the seat

By the use of jigsaw, eliminate the plywood ledge, wrap with leather all of raw sides, and firm it by the gold nails.


3. Cozy it up

Add sheepskin and cushion and I assure you that your cat will love it.

Before you will start, here are the tips on how you will work specifically on the sewing leather and leather. This step is called: gluing leather, hole punching, and cutting.

Now, let us begin with our project: Operation Oplan Window Perches for Cats

Here are the materials that are needed to make a beautiful and very nice perch that are perfect for your loved cats.

  • Measuring tape (any available measuring materials are possible)
  • Leather punch
  • Jigsaw
  • Industrial-strength glue like Barge
  • 3⁄4-inches of thick plywood
  • Handheld electric drill
  • 3⁄4-inches of a leather strip
  • Hammer
  • S-hooks
  • Wood screws
  • Plumber’s safety chains
  • Sheepskin
  • Decorative nails
  • Cushion
  • Eye Hooks

Here are the steps and procedures on how to make a window perch for your cats.

  • Measure the windowsill width of the frame. By the use of jigsaw, cut the plywood which measures 18 inches width deep.
  • Cover all the edges of the plywood with the leather strip; make sure that it fits on the plywood. Mark the strip about half inch on the corners on the other sides of 1 long edge; marks and punch holes. Lastly, put any kind of glue on the wood edge as well as on the back of the strip. Press it to make it firm and let it dry.
  • Predrill the holes for the nails into the plywood at punched holes on the leather strips; hammer the nails.
  • Screw the eye hooks on every corner of the plywood on 1 long edge, and the window jambs half way up.
  • Affix the safety chain on the eye hooks along with the S-hooks. In order to calculate the chain length, look back when you have first learned the Pythagorean theorem in Algebra and the a2+b2=c2, whereas a serves as the distance of the window down to the bottom up to the plywood eye hook; b will be the distance of the window down to the bottom and up to the window-jamb eye hook; lastly c will be the length of the chain that you will be needing.
  • Predrill the holes down between the back corners from the remaining of a long edge of the plywood and still; always secure the wood screws. Top with sheepskin and cushion.

Putting a perch under the window will add fun and in addition to that will give your cat their own spots by placing them in front of the windows, and you will providing them an hour for entertainment, and watching them spy on the neighbors.

No matter what specific location it is, your cats will surely love being secured for your do it yourself cat perch, most especially if you give a fully smooth cover on the platform.


It is very important to give importance on our pets, like cats, let them fell that they are always secure in our side and provide them the care that they deserve and most especially love them unconditionally because they give happiness and joy to us.

This article will surely give you ideas on how you will make your cats smile by creating them window perches.