10 Tips That Will Make Any Cat Owners Life Easier


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Being a pet owner is not that easy. You have to allow some of your time for them and spend extra effort to take care of them. Some owner has many cats at home or even at their workplace. And some cat lover makes their pet as a lucky charm in their café business.

That’s why others have so many questions. Is it safe for the cat to interact with other people? Would it be okay for the owner to see other of their thing be destroyed but the cat? Would people enjoy to drink coffee in a messy place because there are so many cats?

Well, here are the answers to those questions. Some cats are not picky with the people whom they should interact with. They are born as social animals. And yes, another cat tends to play with something interesting to them to the point that they can destroy it and play to the place where it can be a messy place. But if you train them well and give them their own toy, they will not touch anything that can be destroyed or disorganized.

Here are 10 tips that will make cat owners life easier.

1. Pour the cat food with a plastic pitcher

Instead of scooping the cat food from the container. Just directly transfer the cat food from the box to the plastic pitcher for easy refilling their bowls with the cat food.

2. Avoid your cat to jump in some surface with double-sided tape

The cats don’t step on a sticky surface.

3. The shallow plate will help you avoid your cat to eat quickly then throws up

Some cat is excited to eat much and quick especially when they are really starving or when they want to eat more than the other cats. And results in improper digestion that leads to throwing up the food they ate. So just put their food in a shallow plate so that they will eat slowly. Because if they throw up, it is another job for you to clean their mess.

4. Lighting candle can trap fleas

The fleas are a trap in a lighted candle because fleas are jumping into the melted wax. But be sure to stay beside the lighted candle. If you will leave the area, turn off the candle.

5. Do an inexpensive toy for your cat by toilet paper roll.

The toilet paper in the comfort room is what the cats want to play. They unroll the toilet paper every time they go and enter the comfort room. So instead of dealing with that mess. You should try to think a substitute toy for them using toilet paper roll.

6. Shelves with ropes tied up serve as a scratch post.

Sometimes cat’s scratches to different things in the house using their claws. They scratch after waking up. So, as an alternative thing for them to scratch on, is the rope that is placed in the shelve where they sleep.

7. Create a display-like scratch post with glued carpet in a wooden frame.

The cat has the habit of scratching everywhere using their claws. On the sofa, rugs, carpet, legs of the tables or chairs, and in the bed. That result in the ugliness of those things. A display-like scratch, using a small squared carpet that is glued to the frame.

8. DIY cat scratch themselves with toilet bowl brushes

You can do a DIY body scratch for your cats. They want their body to scratch as a way of their body massage. So, using your toilet bowl brushes you can straighten it up then make an arch out of it so that cats can use it to scratch their body on.

9. Hide the litter box into a cabinet with curtain

The litterbox is not to be displayed. because it is not good to see it and the smell will spread around the house. But you cannot also put it inside the cabinet because cats cannot enter. So, instead of locking the litterbox in the cabinet with a door, why not change the door into a curtain. The cat can freely enter and exit to the location where their litterbox is placed.

10. Rubber gloves to remove cat hair

Rubbing a rubber gloves serves as a magnet to the hair of the cat which you can see everywhere in the house.


Those are the thing you can do as a help to take care of your cats. Almost all of the list above is doing it your self-project. So, fewer expenses that help you to have an easier life.

The list above are just some tips to help you have an easier life. But you can do more thing to keep you moving in a straight path with your lovely cats.

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