10 Things You Do That Annoy Cat


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Being known as flurry, squishy and lovable, cats are also known as a sensitive animal. For they also possess cuteness, people sometimes can’t handle their joy and make fun with them. We also used to play with them and sometimes, they are our source of happiness.

But do you even notice when are the times they get angry or being annoyed and enough of being played at?

Here are the things you do that annoy cat.

1. Taking a bath.

We all know that cats don’t want their bodies to be washed or even taking a bath, especially for those domestic cats. But sometimes, knowing that fact, we tend to splash water and played with them which is why they will run away from us. But if it is necessary, like if something smelly attaches to their bodies, we should at least wash them or wipe with clean towel or any cloth so that no stinks could come in between your cuddling!

2. Being ignored.

Cats are also known as a soft and touchy pet. They tend to rub the body to us and even sit on our laps to show their affections. But sometimes, our works can consume all of our time that we forgot to pay attention to our cat and they don’t really want to get ignored.

3. Being pulled at their tail.

As they are known to be sensitive, cats usually don’t want their tail to be handled and pulled at.

4. Eating spoiled foods.

Cats also have a sensitive smell and taste when it comes to their food just like us. Who on the earth would like to eat spoiled food? Surely you will also get annoyed by that and same as through with the cats.

5. Rubbing their tummies.

Usually, cats don’t want their bellies to be stroked and rubbed on and are mostly not welcome to do. You will notice when they are annoyed when they strike you with their paws with claws extended! So be careful when you try to do it.

6. Letting them interact with strangers.

Some people usually throw their cats right in front of an animal especially to their number one enemy, the dogs! You will usually notice that their paws and claws are already ready to attack right when you are thinking to let them closed with a dog they can’t stand to be with. Self-defense mode on!

7. Being picked up against their will.

Cats don’t want to be picked by only some strangers. Just observe them for a while. If they do like to get along with you, they voluntarily will come to you. Mostly, their steps are slow in coming towards you and if the cat is near to you, they will start to feel your warmth by rubbing their bodies and see the affection to their eyes. But if they don’t like to come, try not to pick them up against their will!

8. Disappoint in playing.

Most known tricks that we used to play with cats is by laser pointers. The red dot light on the laser is used to make the cat run until we used to turn off the laser leaving them confused where the light goes!  Also, we tend to use other things, (sometimes attached to a string) and let them catch without making them impossible to reach by a cat. And mostly, this is one of the effective ways of getting them annoyed. Not getting what you want to reach is really disappointing!

9. Leaving the cat alone.

Cats also don’t want to be left by their beloved pet owner alone. But sometimes, we do need to go on with our daily activities and leave them in our house either if we are on school or work. But understanding their nature, they will also feel loneliness because they don’t have someone to play with them during the day.

10. Getting them dressed up in costumes.

This is typically one of the things that cats don’t want to experience and encounter! Being dressed in some manners like a doll will automatically get them irritated and feeling uncomfortable.


Those things listed above were just some of the things that might be the reason for cats to be annoyed. Cats are renowned as one of the best pets you could ever have alongside with the dogs. But we all know that cats are extremely tender in giving care and concerns for their owners but also scary when they are annoyed.

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