10 Cool Things You Can Make For Your Cat


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For creative cat owners, I will give you some of the coolest things that you can make for your cats. Most of these only require materials that are available in your home. So if you are feeling crafty right now, start reading below to grasp the best ideas that your furry friend will surely love.

Homemade Catnip Colourful Yarn Balls

Do you remember the classic yarn ball that every cat is curious about? Well, I know that most cat owners find it messy to have a yarn ball as their cat’s toy because it can tangle with other objects at home, and it takes patience to fix.

But with a homemade catnip colorful yarn ball that you can make on your own. Fix the yarn in a Styrofoam call, so your cat will never be able to unravel it, allowing your pet to play with the ball all day long.

Cardboard Cat Scratcher To Keep Your Pet Clean

After a whole day of playing, your pet may also want to relax in a comfy space. With cardboard, you can make a scratchable cushion for your cat that it would love to lay at to rest.

Roll spare cardboard and use glue to secure it. Continue rolling until you reach the size that fits your cat. This craft can also help you to recycle some of your unused shipment boxes at home.

Whack-A-Mole DIY Cat Toy

If you want something fancier, make your cat a Whack-A-Mole toy using a cardboard box or any extra soda box around your home. This toy is a cat enrichment tool that is perfect for your active little furry friend at home.

The things you will need for this activity is a 12-pack cardboard soda carton, scissors, glue, bamboo skewers, knife, crafting feathers, duct or decorative tape, paper towel tube, and two pipe cleaners. The main idea of this game is to make holes in the box. Afterward, put a feather inside that you have to maneuver to catch your cat’s interest.

T-Shirt Cat Tent

Make another comfortable space for your kitty using an old t-shirt lying around your house. Recycle your old favorite shirt by placing the neck hole as the entrance and a few wire hangers as the foundation of the tent. You can choose a t-shirt that can match your home décor to make your kitty a place that fits yours.

Sock Toys For Kitty

Everyone has that one sock that lost their mates. If you still keep them, bring out all your creative ideas and make a sock toy for your kitty. One of the coolest things that you can create using a sock is a crinkly fish sock toy. It is simple to do; in fact, you only need to stuff something in your sock, tie the sock to secure the stuffer, and use a permanent marker to draw the fish’s eyes.

Cat Hammock

Let your cat chill with a cute cat hammock. You can flip a small table or make a secure four-post where you can place a hand towel using hooks to make a sturdy relaxing space. While your cat relaxes, it will entertain you by how cute it is while chilling.

Cardboard Mouse Toy For Your Cat

Bring out your best ideas with this next cat toy we have. Since cats loves to catch a mouse, make them a cardboard mouse toy in different sizes and shapes according to your preferences.

You can also make a ball, a star, a squid, or anything that can interest your pet. To make a mouse toy, you only need cardboard and scissors. But to make them livelier, give them a little color using crayons or watercolors.

DIY Cat Collar

Want to make something cool for your cat? Why not break out that sewing machine of yours and start making an adorable pet collar. You can use old ID tags to recreate a collar that fits comfortably for your kitty.

Party Hat For Your Kitty’s B-day

Make your pet’s B-Day a little special by making a cat party hat. Whether you are celebrating the actual date of your pet’s birth or its adoptiversary, level up the fun using a festive party hat that it can enjoy.

Litter Box Cabinet

To complete our cool list today, here is the litter box cabinet that can hide your kitty’s poo out of the scene. Your cat will surely thank you later.

You need to do a little carpentry to make a litter box cabinet, so you better be ready for some action. The idea is to open one side of the cabinet as your cat’s entrance and place a litter box inside. Leave the actual doors of the cabinet intact to make it look like an ordinary cabinet with small curtains inside.

Final Say

Add some color in your cat’s life with these easy to do DIY’s. These cool ideas will also allow you to recycle some of the things in your home and help you think creatively. If you feel crafty and you want something to do, the ideas above are the easiest to start.

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