10 Best Cute Cat Videos to Overload Your “Aww”


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The internet was invented for cat videos. So there are a lot of them out there. Never fear fellow cat lovers, we’re here to save you some time and serve up the 10 Best Cute Cat Videos on the internets. . . ever.

Cats are generally thought of as aloof and emotionally unavailable creatures. However, there are cats that really love to cuddle with their owners and are just plain cute whatever they do. From cats taking a bath and struggling to stay awake, to adorable little kittens playing with their owners, these 10 best cute cat videos will surely win your heart and make you swoon!

1. Dancing Chorus Line of Cute Kittens

Take a look at this line of five cute, synchronize kittens following something at the beat. Its a 2-minute video of synchronized right and left, right and left, right and left and ohh, up and down up and front, up and front and left and right again!

Watch the video here:

2. Following Me

Watch this short clip of little kitty following his human around. Every step is 1, 2, 3 steps for this adorable kitty!

Watch the video here:

3. Begging for Treats

Prepare to swoon with this cute and adorable kitten begging for treats. With his begging eyes and cute paws rubbing together, you might want to give him what he wants. Oh please, pretty, pretty please!

Watch the video here:

4. Taking a Bath

This cat loves to take a bath. With different rubber floaties and towel ears, this adorable and cute cat hopped in its little bathtub and got the best and luxurious bath that he deserves. Oh, shower me hooman!

Watch the video here:

5. Sleepyhead

The struggle is real. This little kitten tries so hard not to fall asleep even with his head and body falling over. He wakes up every now and then showing that he is not sleepy, but slightly closes his eyes, falls over and suddenly wakes up for real!

Watch the video here:

6. Sleepy Cat in Owner Play Piano

A pianist is playing the piano with his cat. The solemnity and calming sound of music makes his adorable cat really sleepy and cuddles with him while trying to stay awake. This less than a minute video will make your heart swoon with the strong and cute bond of the owner and his cat.

Watch the video here:

7. Cat Won’t Let Go of Owner’s Hand

Some cats are jerks. Then there are some that are just plain stubborn and craves attention. This particular cat won’t let go of his owner’s hand. His little paws got a good grasp on his human’s hand and as much as the owner tried to shake him off, he just would not let go. This is my precioussss hoomaan’s hand, meow!

Watch the video here:

8. Table Manners

To avoid being bitten and pounced on during kitty training, some people have been using toothpicks and chopsticks to feed kittens their treat. This 1-minute video shows an adorable kitty sitting up straight and balancing their buttocks muscles while waiting for their treat.

Well, this adorable flat-faced cat actually looks Chinese, maybe that is why he has a natural love for Chinese table manners.

Watch the video here:

9. Baby and Kitten

If you are a dog-lover, then watching this less than a minute video might want you to become a cat-lover. This cute video of a cat and a baby will surely put a smile on your face and will cheer you up. Just look at how the kitty loves to cuddle with the baby. It really is adorable!

Watch the video here:

10. Surprised Cat

Videos of a surprised cat jumping very high are hilarious! But this 16-second video of a surprised kitty will make you swoon! Instead of jumping really high, this cute kitten looks like a baby that cuddles with his owner’s hand and suddenly startled and raises his paws up when his human surprises him. *cuddling sound* and pooop!

Watch the video here:

Final Thoughts:

Awwwwww! Look just how adorable cats can be!

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