The Secret Of What’s In Catnip: Things You Need To Know About It


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Most of us know that cats go irrational for catnip. It actually makes them drool, meow, or roll around if they’re possessed. Furthermore, we also joke about catnip being some kind of drugs for cats, yet it actually turns out that there is certainly some psychotropic science that’s going on when the cat gets through the catnip zone.

In this article, we will discuss some more necessary information about the secret of what’s in catnip. Read on to learn more about these!

What Is Catnip?

Catmint, catwort, field balm, catnip –it doesn’t matter how you call it. Panthers, lions, tigers, and the common domestic cats just cannot seem to get enough of this aromatic herb. Scientifically, it is called the Nepeta cataria. Originally, this plant is from Asia and Europe.

This lemony, potent, minty catnip has long been linked with cats. Even it’s Latin derivative cataria might mean ‘of a cat’. Furthermore, research shows that cats small and big adulate this invasive, weedy member of the mint family. However, why do cats like catnip so much? Is it safe? And what does it really mean if the cat doesn’t like it?

The Secret of What’s in Catnip

The genetics is what determines whether the cat friend falls for this cousin to oregano and basil. Approximately one in every two cats accedes to sensitivity to this herb. However, you will not know if a kitten is amongst them up until sometime between the ages 3 and 6 months.

The appeal of catnip is in the volatile oil that it has, particularly that one chemical in the oil –the nepetalactone. This is the real secret of what’s in catnip. Found in the catnip’s seeds, stems, and leaves, it just takes a sniff or two of this astonishing oil before vulnerable cats are chewing, rolling, and licking hear over tail in a kitty bliss.

Even though intense, that particular bliss is commonly short-lived, which last for about 10 minutes for most of the cats. For some cats, the euphoria may translate into an aggressive playfulness.

All at once, it can make some others calm and mellow. However, no matter what the reaction of the cat, once the pleasure already passes, it will be approximately 2 hours before the cat responds to the catnip again.

How Does a Cat get High from Catnip?

What does consuming catnip do to cats?

Well, according to science experts, cats react to the catnip after the volatile in it, called nepetalactone interacts with the cat’s nasal tissue. Yes, they are pretty much sniveling up the catnip.

Once the catnip has already been engaged, it begins to replicate the pheromones, which in turn, may switch on the cat receptors and then make all kinds of neuron light bulbs to pop off in the brain of the cat.

Put simply, seemingly, catnip produces the same reaction to the pottering with marijuana or LSD. In addition, the catnip high commonly lasts for a little more than 10 minutes, after all the order and demureness resume for an additional half an hour, right before the catnip sensor of the cat are already reset.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about catnip:

1. What Happens When a Cat Eats Catnip?

If a cat suddenly decides to eat catnip, there could be a strong possibility that it will slip through a sedated state of cat bliss. Yes, at this point, the cat is zoned out and there is no doubt that is hallucinating anything that it wants.

2. Why Does a Cat Rub Itself on Catnip?

A cat rubs or rolls over a catnip because it is attempting to make the leaves bruise so that there will be more addictive nepetalactone manna to be released from it. it is somewhat like massaging kale leaves using olive oil when making a salad.

3. What are The Weird Behaviors of Cats on Catnip State?

When a particular cat gets all in a catnip state, it isn’t rare to show bugged-out eyes, rolling around and frantic rubbing, bizarre meows, as well as a hilarious and brief sense of disorientation.

4. What Happens When a Cat Smells Catnip?

If a cat is a sophisticated kind that just smells on the catnip, that is when it will really go all kinds of crazy. The cat may roll around frantically on its back as if it’s no longer in control of its physical faculties.

5. Can Cats Overdose with Catnip?

The answer to that question –not really. Catnip’s all-natural –you can buy seeds of it and grow it yourself anywhere at home. Hence, all that’ll really happen if the cat decides to devour catnip is that it may end up puking a bit of it back up.

Moreover, it might also experience diarrhea for a minute or two. However, after which, it will be right back to the normal.

Final Say

Catnip isn’t addictive nor is it unsafe. Nonetheless, cats may seek out the plant if they happen to encounter it in the wild, as the smell may attract them. Occasionally, some cat toys got some catnip inside of them, or have been sprayed with catnip substance.

This might assist if a cat is inactive and needs a stimulus to play. It is clear that cats adore catnips –it is safe, fun for us, and fun for cats!


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