10 Signs Your Cat Loves You


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Are you in doubt if your cat loves you? Feline pets are not like humans in expressing their feelings which makes us wonder from time to time. They may not say words of affection but cats show love in many ways. Today, we will give you ten signs that your kitten loves you so much.

How can you say your cat loves you?

You may overlook the act of love of your feline pet sometimes. The reason might be their unclear intentions and changing character. But, there are signs cats do with the hidden meaning of affection towards their owner. That includes:

1. Cats bring a gift

Dead animals are the most common gift cats may bring to you. It is kinda gross but a loving act for them. They are just showing what they can offer you through their hunted prey. That is how cats care for their family, so they might be counting you as part of that family.

2. Cats raise their tail

Cat’s tail acts differently when they are scared or showing love. When the cat is feeling nervous, its tail puffs up. The cat will lift its tail and twists the tip when they show love. You can observe its tail whenever he goes near to you.

3. Cats head-butt you

Cats can be sweet creatures when trained properly. Their head has the biggest amount of pheromones that mark possession. So, when a cat rubs its head on you, it represents their feelings and possession towards you. It is a friendly gesture.

4. Cats show their belly

Cat’s belly is the most sensitive part of their body. They are not showing it to anyone more often unless they are comfortable with the person. When cats choose to be defenseless in front of you, it must be a great sign of love. Perhaps the cat feels protected in your presence.

5. Cats come near you

One way of showing affection is by being near to a person you love. Your cat will not come near you if he has no care about you. They must be following you at all times while rubbing their fur around your legs. Or, they simply walk after you and fall asleep on your lap. Those are huge signs your cat loves you.

6. Cats knead you

Kneading could be the first sign your cat loves you. It is usually done by baby cats to their mother’s belly to strengthen their bond. Kneading helped to increase the production of breast milk of the mother cat. When cats knead you, they are just repeating an act of their childhood. It represents the love they need from their master.

7. Cats make an eye contact

Not all cats are good at making eye contact. Some cats stare on something they treat as an enemy, so lucky are you if you got a friendly stare. This only happens when trust is developed between the pet and the owner. Cats only make eye contact with the ones they know well. Whenever the cat locks an eye with a slow blink with you, it is their version of a kiss. Reciprocate the love of your pet by giving them a slow blink in return.

8. Cats lick you

Licking is a way of cats to cleanse something. They do it with their co-pets, especially those closest to them. When a cat loves you, it will lick some part of your body sometimes.It is their way for their owner to feel honored. Licking can also be their way to show how they care for you.

9. Cats sleep with you

When cats fall asleep, they are more vulnerable. Sleeping next to you is a sign of trust. They might sleep on your lap or your bed peacefully just because you are with them. That feeling of peace within them shows how your pet loves you. It is so hard to feel at ease if you are not comfortable with the person you are with. Cats felt the same way.

10. Cats nibble you

This is considered as the least sign your cat loves you. Cat bites when done intensely could be dangerous and deadly. However, there are so-called love bites that are not bodily harmful. Sometimes cats are just being playful with you that they nibble on your fingers. They also do it with their fellow cats. Do not panic every time your cat nibbles you, they just consider you as someone to be loved.

Final Words

Overall, cats can show love in so many ways. Observe whether your feline pet is doing more than one of those 10 signs above towards you. If your cat does all of the signs in a day, he/she might be so in love with you. Your pet cat might not be able to tell its love in words but can give you the love you long for.

Share these signs with your friends now! Let us spread how cats show their love towards humans. Give them back the love through taking care of them properly. Thank you for reading!

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