10 Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed


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Cats that do not shed are a blessing to every household suffering from allergies. You can get over of cat hair all over the house by simply brushing it off. Cats that do not shed experience difficulty during cold weather, so providing them warmth is necessary. Perhaps you are looking for cat breeds away from shedding. We will give our top picks in a bit!

What Feline Breeds You Must Buy to Avoid Shedding?

Non-shedding cats are available in the market.You can find different cat breeds with a little hair or no hair at all. It results in minimal shedding thus benefits households suffering from allergies.Here are our top picks of non-shedding cats you can choose from:

1. Sphynx

This breed is not completely hairless but has no coat with a wrinkled look. It has a very fine layer of hair. They are perfect for cuddling because of their soft skin. Sphynx is considered a hypoallergenic pet.

They are too sensitive to cold weather as only a little hair will absorb oils. Keep them warm and cozy after a bath.

2. Bombay

They look like a panther, but very gentle in character. It is covered with midnight-black coats that do not shed much. Its fur drops quite rarely thus regular brushing keeps the fur off the floor.

Bombay breed loves to mingle with people, especially with the family and guests alike. They stay close to you all the time for cuddles. With that, their non-shedding coat is a plus.

3. Donskoy

Donskoy has four different types of coats, all are non-shedding. You can choose between brush, velour, flocked, and rubber bald. The last one is the best choice to avoid shedding issues. They stay bald for a lifetime unlike the other three that lose hair over time.

Hair will grow on their chest and tail during winter and loses hair when it gets warm. You can enjoy cuddling with Donskoy cats with their soft-touching coat.

4. Burmese

Burmese is a quite muscular cat breed which is very social and playful. They interact gently with the other cats playing with them. It has a short and thick coat with silky touch fur that requires limited maintenance. You can simply get rid of any falling fur by gently brushing it down resulting in minimal shedding.

They are allergic to being alone, so they find ways to be with the crowd. It won’t leave hair on your clothes.

5. Siamese

Siamese is a popular cat breed all over the world. They are hairy, unlike the other options. This one is included on the list of low shedding cat breeds. Removing its old fur only requires brushing them occasionally. The hairs will not scatter around the house.

Siamese loves to hang out with people and other cats. They can be your best friend for life!

6. Cornish Rex

Among the best non-shedding cat breeds is the Cornish Rex with a real coat of hair. Its curly hair gives full coverage on its body. The fur is just short and has a unique pattern.

Due to mutation, its down layer grows from time to time. As fur exists on its coat, the need for maintaining the body temperature is sustained. This prevents them from developing respiratory issues.

7. Korat

Korat cats are very good-looking with their short silver-blue coat. They only have a single layer of coat that does not shed much. Their very short coat of hair requires very low maintenance. Just gently brush its coat every once in a while to keep it clean and shiny.

This cat prefers only a few close friends. They are not easy to train, but staying close to them at all times makes a difference.

8. Devon Rex

Devon Rex has a high level of energy that is known to be excellent jumpers. With that amount of energy, a chance of fur shedding is high. Thankfully, this cat breed only has short, curly hair that sheds minimally.

It gets involved in whatever its owners do. They are very loyal and loving at the same time. Staying on your lap for long periods is their hobby.

9. LaPerm

If hairless cats are not ideal for you, go for LaPerm cats. These cats have long, thick, and wavy coat that sheds rarely. No need to worry for cat dander allergies to happen. LaPerm might be coated with full of curls, but it does shed minimally.

It does not demand more time for grooming even with a big coat. They are always ready for a cuddle and doing tricks like fetching objects. It is suitable to be pet by children.

10. Peterbald

Your last option is a hairless cat breed. Peterbald has bred with longer coats but most of them are hairless. Touching its coat will make you feel like a fuzzy peach. There will no shedding of hair with this pet cat.

Peterbald can sit on your lap for hours without leaving any hairs. They are also very conversational with their owner.

Final Words

Now that you know some of the cat breeds that do not shed, which one above is your best choice? Some may require low maintenance to avoid severe shedding. The point is housecleaning will never be eliminated on your routine.

Do you have some list of non-shedding cat breeds in mind? Please share it with us in the comment section. Thank you!

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